What Is Best Kind of Cleaning Agent for Cleaning Burned-on Grease: 4 Best Cleaning Agent

How to remove baked on grease? Best of all, White vinegar is the best kind of cleaning agent for cleaning burned-on grease. Other than this, baking powder, citric acid, and soda crystals are other more important cleaning agents for grease cleaning. However, these are easy and natural remedies for cleaning, there are also some other chemicals for burnt on grease cleaning.

Best Kind of Cleaning Agent for Cleaning Burned-on Grease

We understand that there isn’t anything more regrettable than completing your cleaning, doing a spot of cooking and consuming oil onto the dish. When you understand it, it is past the point of no return. Anyway, what can be done? Most importantly, you will presumably need to discard the food, except if you can get enough out of the skillet without scratching the copied oil into the food. Also, you have to attempt to clean it.

Best Kind of Cleaning Agent for Cleaning Burned-on Grease: Methods

There is practically nothing more awful than cleaning a pot, pan or oven that has burned-on grease. Burned-on grease basically is a soft or rendered fat, for example, margarine or grease. In any case, in cooking, you have different oils that will be consumed, and burned. Now let’s have a look at the best kind of burnt on grease removal cleaning agents for cleaning burned-on grease detailed methods.

  1. White Vinegar
  2. Citric Acid
  3. Baking Powder
  4. Soft Drink Crystals

1. White Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent

The most important and effective cleaning agent is white vinegar because it contains acetic acid to remove all grease without any effort, scrubbing and frustrations . White vinegar can have a generally high corrosiveness content. Normally, they have around 5% acidic corrosiveness. Hence, it works by  separating a portion of the consumed oil and food effortlessly in the event that you leave it to douse.

White Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent

You may in any case need to clean it a short while subsequent to leaving it to absorb vinegar for an hour or two, yet it ought to be disposed of most consumed on oil and food. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with the skillet in a rush, you can leave it to soak for a brief period longer.

Benefits of Using White Vinegar to Remove Grease:

As described, vinegar is the best cleaning agent because of acetic acid in it to remove grease but you can also add a few drops of fragrant oil and lemon juice in respect to make it have a better scent. Here I am going to explain the benefits of using vinegar for cleaning purposes.


Vinegar is very cheap, affordable and available easily in the market. You may not even have to buy vinegar because it may already be present in your pantry. And you just need to do a grease cutting job with it.

No Sharp or Artificial Scents:

Vinegar has a very simple structure and no artificial and sharp scents are added in it as so many other chemicals contain that may appear harmful to you and your family members are allergic to scents. So in all ways, vinegar is a good solution to go with the cleaning purpose of grease.

Safe for Most Non-porous Surfaces:

You can easily use vinegar on non-porous surfaces like metal, steel and also glass surfaces but avoid porous surfaces.

Warnings and Precautions:

Vinegar is safe as we eat it in our salads, etc but still you need some precautions while using any kind of chemical.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Do not contact it with your eyes and other sensitive parts of your skin, especially your face.
  • Do not use it on porous surfaces. It may result in major and costly harmful effects.
  • Don’t do any  cross contamination of vinegar with any other harmful substance and chemical because it may produce a violent reaction.

2. Citric Acid as a Cleaning Agent

Other than this, Citric acid/extracts are also effective cleaning agents as they give you a hard cleaning effortlessly. On the off chance that nothing from what was just mentioned has worked, at that point you can utilize citrus extract. Utilize a couple of tablespoons of the powder, blended in with some water, and leave it to absorb the container. That should separate any leftover remainders of food, oil or stains.

Citric Acid as a Cleaning Agent

Using Method of Citric Acid:

In order to remove burnt grease with citric acid, all you need to do is:

  • Fill the desired pot you want to clean with water.
  • Add citric acid into it.
  • Turn the flame on.
  • Let the mixture burnt until all the burnt rests start to fall off.
Using Method of Citric Acid

And for the cleaning of grease from the oven, mix the citric acid with hot water. Dip a sponge in this mixture and start scrubbing off grease. Don’t forget to wear gloves on your hands.

3. Baking Powder as a Cleaning Agent

Baking powder is generally a strong cleaning agent as you can use it for very hard messes. It always helps to remove stubborn stains, grease and scorched oil from the oven, pots and other surfaces.

Baking Powder as a Cleaning Agent

For using it as a cleaning agent you have to make a mixture of baking powder and water to eliminate stains. Ideally, at this point, you won’t have any chunks of food adhered to the container. In this way, a heating powder plate is able to polish the pot and the assembling grooves found in the metal base. You may even now need to clean a little to get the entirety of the staining’s off, even after using this method.

4. Soft Drink Crystals as a Cleaning Agent

Last but not least, you can also use soft drink crystals as a cleaning agent on burned-on grease. Soft drinks especially, coke contain phosphoric acid in it which helps to remove stains and burnt grease. This is a very interesting method and it works similarly as baking soda and citric acid.

Soft Drink Crystals as a Cleaning Agent

Soft Drink Using Method:

The method for using this application is followed in a few easy steps explained below.

  • Fill the pan you want to clean with coke.
  • After filling it, put the pan on the stove.
  • Turn the flame on. Keep it moderate, not much low, not high.
  • Bring this solution to a boil.
  • As coke is acidic in nature, the burnt residue leaves the surface. Scrape all the grease and stuff with the help of any plastic or wooden scraper.
  • Now , let the pan cool and after this scrub all the grease. And wash with clean water.

 We Hope Now Your Points Are Clear About “Best Kind of Cleaning Agent for Cleaning Burned-on Grease”.


All these best grease cleaner agents are organic and environment friendly as you can use them freely. Other than this, Mr. Muscle, Easy clean and other chemical brands also offer easy cleaning on burned-on grease. But these sprays are more effective for the oven than pots and pans.

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