Bissell Spinwave Cordless Review: Cordless Hard Floor Expert

Choosing a right mop is not really easy nowadays because not all mops are built the same. Sometimes, high prices offer low quality and low prices offer high quality products. All you need to know about brand reputation and product reviews. But in this huge world sorting things is necessary. Among top listed electric mops, today, we are going to represent and review the bissell spinwave cordless hard floor expert because it offers all features that you will need to have in your cleaning gadget. Other bissell vacuums are also best but i recommend this because this one is amazing.


Bissell Spinwave Cordless Review

About This Product

From the outside, your floor may look like it’s clean. But take a closer look, and you’ll find that dirt and grime actually build up on it over time.

Let’s get started after having a look towards its quick specifications.

Brand Bissell 
Model name Spinwave cordless hard floor expert
Color 23159
Surface recommendation Hard floor
Dimensions 27.4 x 15.9 x 7.3 inches
Item weight 11 lbs
Battery type Lithium ion
Voltage 18 
Battery run time Up to 20 minutes
Charging time 4 hours
Tank capacity 28 oz
Swivel steering Yes 
Mop pads 2 soft-touch , 2 scrubby mop pads
Carry handle Yes 
Customer reviews 4.6 out of 5

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Mop Review – Features

Let’s dive deep into the detailed features of this bissell spinwave cordless so you can find out whether you want to have this mop in your cleaning routine or not.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

One of the most enchanting features of this bissell spinwave cordless is its lightweight body. It only weighs up to 9.5 pounds. As it is engineered with swivel steering, it’s really very easy to clean around obstacles, furniture, corners and along baseboards.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Now you’ll never feel strain and pain on your wrist and arm because of heavy traditional mops and cleaners if you bring bissell spinwave cordless to your home.

Washable Cleaning Mop Pads

It comes with two different types of cleaning mop pads, a pair of soft-touch microfiber pads and two pairs of scrubby pads. Both pads are washable.

Cleaning Mop Pads

Soft-touch microfiber pads perform a very decent job and cleaning for daily routine. They can easily mop away mild dirt, dust, hairs and even pet dander from floors. They are also geared towards polishing laminate, vinyl, wood, marble and tile flooring’s without wax.

Scrubby pads are determined to do a hard job on grease and tough stains. They can easily scrub all kinds of grease, stains and stuck-on dirt off the floor.

Note: Both soft-touch and scrubby pads work in pairs and opposite movement so you don’t need to bend on your knees to clean stains.

Multi-Surface Cleaning and Formulas Included

This electric bissell spinwave cordless mop can safely clean all kinds of sealed floors. It’s effective on tiles, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, sealed floors, marble, porcelain, and more.

This bissell spinwave wireless also includes cleaning formulas that work best on the surface and don’t use any harsh chemicals that are being sold in markets.

Multi-surface pet formulas work with scrubby mop pads to eliminate the pet odors and mess with its freshness while cleaning.

Hard floor sanitize formulas work with soft-touch mop pads to eleminate 99.9% of bacteria ( Enterobacter aerogenes and staphylococcus aureus). It santizes and cleans the floor very efficiently.

Multi surface formulas work together with scrubby mop pad to clean different sealed hard floors.

Wood floor formula when combined with soft-touch mop pads helps to restore the natural shine of wood floors.

Detachable Tank

Another fantastic feature of this bissell spinwave is its effortlessly detachable tank which has capacity of 28-oz. The tank capacity is quite sufficient for both small and large homes cleaning jobs, so without worrying and any guess work you can add a solution in this tank for cleaning any type of surface or floor.

Detachable Tank

Note: Add multi surface cleaning formula with tap water in this tank for cleaning. You can also use any other solution you want to add but always avoid vinegar and warm water because it will decrease the longevity of the tank’s material.

You can also watch this full video to know about the detailed features of this bissell spinwave cordless.

On Demand Spray

The other ergonomic feature of this bissell spinwave cordless is its on demand spray trigger. You just need to switch the trigger on and off, which is situated on the mop’s handle, to control the amount of cleaning formula that should go on the floor while cleaning.

Dual-Purpose Storage Tray

This bissell spinwave cordless mop includes a dual purpose storage tray which provides assistance for storing attachments of mop pads to the machine. So you can easily and conveniently use attachments while cleaning.

Cordless Convenience

Bissell spinwave hard floor expert comes with freedom and convenience of cordless which means you don’t need to tackle heavy cords of 20-30 feets. It uses a lithium-ion battery of 18 volt. The battery can run upto 20 minutes and can be charged fully in just 4 hours. There’s also a led light indicator for battery level. The battery time is quite enough for small apartments and homes for routine cleaning without any hassle of lengthy and heavy chords.

Quiet Cleaning – No Powerful Noise

Bissell spinwave cordless hard floor expert is engineered in such a way that it’s machinery produces no powerful noise while cleaning unlike other conventional mops. Now you can easily talk on phone calls with your loved ones and enjoy tv shows while cleaning with this quiet gadget.

Build Quality – Durability

This mop is highly durable because it is made from plastic and metal to keep in balance quality and lightweightness. The handle of this mop is made from plastic while the stick is of metal. The body of the mop is also made from plastic which did its job fantastically. The base of the machine is made from aluminum and is a little bit heavy which makes the machine run on its own without putting any force behind it.

Interestingly, it’s assembly is also very convenient. You just need to attach the handle and mopping pads to the spinwave.

Overall Performance – Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hardfloor Expert

What we like or don’t about the bissell spinwave cordless hardfloor expert, 23159?

This spinwave cordless is very unique because of features that it offers to their consumers while cleaning. It is very easy and understandable to use. The durability and efficiency of any product cannot get determined from its appearance; rather you need to use it to see their long-term results.

It has reusable mopping pads to do both light and heavy job, quiet and convenient cleaning without any heavy cord. Also it provides multi surface cleaning plus formulas.It has on demand spray trigger but the only struggle that you can face is you need to pivot the handle backward and forward to spray cleaner but still it will get sprayed in a particular angle. But we noticed this issue occur mostly when we use other cleaning solutions rather than plain water and bissell cleaning formula solutions.

In a nutshell, this bissell spinwave cordless is a suitable option for routine cleaning, polishing, stain and stuck dust elimination. In our verdict, with everything in place, you can easily clean 5 small rooms with this mop easily everyday.

Here are some pros and cons based on genuine consumer reviews of this bissell spinwave cordless to final verdict this champion that either it fulfills your requirements or not.


It can clean different types of surfaces and includes cleaning formulas.

It gives exceptional polishing to laminate wood floors.

It is so quiet and barely produces noise while cleaning.

It’s assembly is very easy and understandable.

The tank is detachable and has a capacity of 28 oz.

It saves both energy and time.


The handle needs to be pivoted at a specific angle for pushing cleaner.

The battery runtime is short.

It cannot clean all old and toughest stains.

It is more expensive than other traditional mops.

Pricing Information – Where to Buy It??

You can easily buy bissell spinwave cordless from the official website of the product’s brand The site provides you with a facility of monthly installments if you can’t pay full.

You can also buy it from Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers. Amazon also puts discounts and offers less prices. You can buy it for only 129.99$ from amazon while walmart sells it for 202.14$. But always make sure you order genuine products. The replacements and accessories of this bissell spinwave are also available easily. You can buy a pair of mopping pads for $12.99 while a for-pak for $19.99. For cleaning formulas, we recommend you to buy from the official website because they offer packs of three 32oz bottles  for 29.99$ on the other hand, Amazon sells two bottles for $30.

Worthy Alternative – Bissell, 2554a Crosswave Cordless Max

Undoubtedly, bissell spinwave cordless 23159 is a very suitable and affordable unit for daily routine cleaning. But it is always exciting to find even better options if money isn’t a problem for you.

This bissell cross wave cordless is all in one unit. It combines dry-wet vacuum and mop for hard floors, and area rugs. It has a lithium ion battery which runs upto 30 minutes after getting charge. It weighs up to 11.5 pounds.

Best 2554a

Bissell, 2554a Crosswave Cordless Max

About This Product

Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets..

It can clean multi surfaces with a cleaning formula and also include a brushroll. It has a two-tank technology which keeps clean and dirty water separate while cleaning. It is also cordless and connects with wifi & app so you can get cleaning tips, usage and also support from manufacturers when you need assistance. The unit is expensive and costs you upto 411.99$.


If you want to bring ease and comfort in your life then definitely bissell spinwave cordless is worth the look. Now no more you need to bend over on your knees to scrub the stains and toughest dirt from your floors. You can also buy the alternative if money and high price tags is not a big deal for you. Both machines work efficiently to make daily mopping easy and offer durability, versatility, and flexibility.

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