How Often Should I Wash My Car? Car Washing Tips & Methods

Washing your car is good, but washing it frequently may damage its paint during the drying process. Dry rags are very harmful because they rub across the small particle of paint, which cause scratching. Most of us are worried about such a problem but couldn’t do so.

Small damage may hurt you a lot because you spend a ton of money on it. So, You should use quality shampoo & drying towels to wash. After getting even a scratch, you often think that “How often should I wash my car?” The answer is after two weeks. You may think that what’s the reason behind this? Let’s get explore the reason!

How Often Should I Wash My Car?

As we discussed earlier the days of washing. According to the rule of thumb, if you drive your car frequently, then you should wash your car after two weeks to remove dirt and other things. If you drive a car daily, there will be dirt, bugs, and birds dropping on the car, so you should wash your car every week. Sometimes, the road dust and salt may damage your car’s paint, so you should pay attention to that issue as well. You might think that what’s the reason to wash your car? Let’s explore the answer without any delay.

car washing tips

Reason to Wash Your Car

There are numerous reasons to wash your car; the most common reason is dust, but there are a few more reasons, which are as follows.

  1. Animal droppings
  2. Road salt
  3. Bugs and insects
  4. Dirt and mud
  5. Pollen 
  6. Rain
  7. Brake dust
  8. Sometimes stones and other materials.

After knowing this, you are now aware of the reasons to wash your car after a certain time period. It would be best if you take precautionary measures to wash your car. Now, the question arises that how can i wash my car with care? For your ease, we give a precise method. So let’s have a look at tips and practices without ado.

Car Washing Tips And Methods

Before starting anything, you need to know the tips and follow the methods for fruitful results. You should use the right product & techniques & you will easily remove wax protection and creates a swirl.  So, let’s have a look.


  1. Before washing, make sure your car is in the shade, and the surface is cool to the touch. 
  2. Never use household detergent while washing your car because it may strip wax protection and promotes oxidation.
  3. Always use a premium car wash, such as Meguiar’s ultimate wash and wax.

Methods To Wash You Car

So, after taking the precautionary measure, you should follow the steps as given below.

  1. Start by mixing your wash solution in a clean bucket using a suitable dilution. 
  2. Now, you need to mix them well.
  3. Fill another bucket with plain water. 
  4. Before washing, you need to rinse the entire surface to remove any loose debris. 
  5. Now, you need to use a microfibre wash mitt to begin the washing process. Keep in mind that you need to apply this solution in one place at one time and rinsing one place and moving down. 
  6. Keep your wash mitt clean in the bucket of clean water then retrieve fresh suds.
  7. Once you washed and rinsed the entire car, its time for the final rinse. This process will happen when you remove the nozzle and allowing water to flow across the whole surface. 
  8. Now, leave your car to dry for a few minutes.
  9. After this, you need to dry the remaining water using Mcguire’s water magnet microfibre drying tap and don’t forget to clean door jams.

Remember, washing weekly with the right products and technique will give you car free of contaminant and looks better than before.

That’s it, guys; I hope you will find this article useful and informative. Washing the car is not too expensive & a hard job. All you need to use the right product and techniques to keep your car shiny.

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