Dust Extractor vs Vacuum: Comparison of Price, Durability & Quality 2022 Review

As the name shows traditionally, vacuums are made to vacuum and dust extractors are used for the extraction of dust. Vacuums are used greatly in households for the cleaning of fine dust, dirt and debris in small quantities away from the floors and carpets. But they can’t get used in workshops. Don’t you think it gets annoying if splinters get stuck into the hose of your vacuum and your session breaks again and again. To cope with this complication, we use dust extractor instead of the vacuums; they have more diameter of hose in comparison to the hose of regular vacuums. So they work commercially at those places where there is a need to cope with waste constantly being produced. Lets start to discuss the dust extractor vs vacuum system.

Dust Extractor vs Vacuum

Dust Extractor vs Vacuum: Quick Summary

Dust Extractor

Dust Extractor
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Vacuum Cleaner

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Dust Extractor vs Vacuum: Step by Step Detail Guide

Both dust extractor or vacuums work on the principle of air volume but they both work in the opposite directions. Dust extractors work on high volume air travels at low velocity. On the other hand, vacuums work on low volume air traveling at high velocity. So let’s start the comparison of these dust extractor vs vacuum cleaners product.

Dust Extractor

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Dust extractors are appliances to collect or extract suspended dust and fumes from the air of your working area. They are basically used at workshops, loading stations, coal- preparation plants and other underground working sites.

Dust Extractor review

At working places, exposure of dust and fumes open in air not only cause severe health problems but also reduce machinery productivity and lower the products quality. So a clean dust free place is necessary and safer to work. Dust extractors deal with this problem and make your working environment shielded for you.

Benefits of Using Dust Extractors:

Dust extractors are specifically designed for extracting dust from your environment to keep it clean and safer at working areas. Beside the obvious benefit of safe health there are also so many other advantages that will make you urge to invest in them and install suitable solutions at your working sites.

1. Productivity

Dust vacuum systems increase the productivity of the machinery at workshops or working sites by making the surroundings clear. As air which is contaminated and contains high dust and fumes in it can decrease the working efficiency of your machinery. In extreme cases, fire or explosions may result. So this risk can be totally removed or minimized due to them.

2. Low Maintenance

When the rate of dust particles and fumes increases in the air in return you need to do more maintenance of your machines for high productivity otherwise it will cause down time. So dust extractors help you to reduce the expenses of your machinery maintenance. It also beneficially leads to reducing the energy costs by recirculating the clean and safe air within the work area.

3. Product Quality

Dust that builds up in the air can potentially reduce the quality and finishing of your manufacturing product. They help you to make your products high quality ensuring consistent high-quality finishing production that will hold a worthy position in the market.

4. Better Morale and Employee Retention

As dust extractors give safe and clean air and environment to your employees with no worries of harmful fumes in breathable air of workspace. So it reduces the health risks which give you better morale and employee retention in your working site.

Selecting Your Dust Extractor:

There are different types of dust extractors available in markets and online stores for you. But always select those to buy that will meet your requirements knowing which sort of dust and fumes you want them to extract from your working environment which are produced by your machinery. It all depends on what you want to do with your extractor so invest in those units accordingly which will provide 100% useful outcomes to you in future.

Shark Nv360 Lift Away Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Best vacuum cleaners are well organized cleaning appliances for your weekly cleaning routine. They clean floors, upholstery, diaries, carpets and many other upper surfaces like stairs very well. They are of different models which have specialized features for your comfort and convenience. Can easily pick smaller debris, fine dust and dirt from your floors and carpets easily with higher efficiency.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Cleaners:

Here some benefits are discussed.

1. Low Cost Tool

Vacuum cleaners are low cost tools and lie easily in between your budget range. You can buy them easily from different brands with a lot of advanced features and components. Their price depends upon the size or brand of the vacuum cleaner you choose to have for your daily basis cleaning routine.

2. Removes Pet Hair

They are very beneficial for you if you have pets at your home. Pet hairs get stuck into your carpet fibers and may cause odour which disturbs you. So vacuum cleaners solve this problem and remove pet hairs easily from the roots of the carpet.

3. Clean Your Home Even When You Are Away

Vacuum cleaners now come with so many advanced features. You can automatically set their schedule for everyday cleaning routine of your home whether you are at home or not. They have strong sensors to avoid obstacles and stairs to fall off. Also when their battery dies, they go back to their power resource on their own.

How Do They Work?

For the use of vacuum cleaners, you do not need to add any lubricant like water in it. All you need to do is plug your vacuum cleaner with power resources or charge them fully to run over a long time if they use batteries. Run your cleaner thorough in an overlapping motion to remove all dirt, dust and debris from floors and carpets.

Selecting Your Vacuum Cleaner:

Always try to invest in those vacuum cleaners that will meet all your requirements with respect to your cleaning routine. Try to read some reviews, pros and cons of the vacuum cleaners you are interested in buying. They are available at different marketplaces or online stores like Amazon and others.

Kind of Vacuums:

Now, let’s move towards different types of vacuum that vary according to their size and functions. Far from dust extractors, Vacuums also have huge and strong markets. Here, we elaborate on two types of vacuums in detail one by one.

  1. Bagless Vacuums are mostly used by households. These are high standards and provides significant savings on both monetary and ecological standards. It is highly effective and removes dust and hair from carpets effectively.
  2. Handheld Vacuum is most useful and versatile in every home. It clean and remove shreds under the table and dust from your car. Due to their size, they can be easily stored.

Measurement of Vacuum’s Effectiveness:

As with dust extraction, Vacuum’s effectiveness is also measured by two variables which are elaborated below.

  1. The first variable to measure the effectiveness of the Vacuum is the Volume of Air which is the unit grease up CFM (cubic feet per minute). It determines that how effective the unit is to seize up assuredly floating elements, charge them in the hose, and delivering them to the tank. Higher CFM means that it has the largest versatility.
  2. The second variable is static water lift count. It examines that how far water travels up a 2-inch hose with the grease power of a dust extractor. The higher static water lift count means that it is a more effective unit to pick up large-size shavings.

Difference Between Vacuum vs Dust Extraction

The main difference between dust collector vs shop vac is vacuum is high-pressure, low-volume & a dust extractor is a low-pressure, high volume. The dust extractor is efficient to clean concrete & hard stuff from big workplace while vacuum is suitable for small particles from floors and other surfaces. Now, we have to get know-how about all those factors by which you can understand that how they are different from one another. We elaborate all factors in detail one by one below.

  1. The dust extractor is an effective way to use by heavy woodworkers to clean their workplace from dust, size does not matter for them. Rather than, Vacuums are used for light cleaning of small-sized chips, dust from room carpets, etc. So, it clears that the working efficiency of both is different from one another.
  2. Dust extractor has a very limited range to cleaning only dust and wood related material but in case of Vacuum, it doesn’t have limited range, it also cleans broken pieces of glass and water.
  3. Dust extractor has two compartments to separate and filter the dust and dirt with high efficiency. But in the case of Vacuum, it doesn’t have several compartments, it puts all dust and dirt in a single compartment.
  4. The dust extractor also cleans the air you breathe from dust or any other pollutant. It also helps to protect you from any harm to the lungs, but, Vacuum cannot do it.

There are some obvious points which we are going to discuss here that will create a sense of differentiation between a dust extractor and a vacuum for you.


The efficiency of both of them works very differently. Dust extractors used to work for dust particles and fumes to collect them from a workspace environment with more diameter rather than the hose diameter of a vacuum. Vacuums can efficiently gather dust, debris and dirt in your household places and other equipment. So they both work effectively for their own specific duties.


Unlike vacuum cleaners that come in a range of different varieties in market or online stores which you can buy according to your preferences and matter of choice by knowing their different features and reviews. On the other hand, dust extractors come in two types to work with. There is a single stage dust extractor and a 2 stage dust extractor. Single one work for small shops and 2 stage cyclone  type dust extractor work for heavy and powerful filtration.


Dust extractors work only for the cleaning of dust and fumes from the environment in your workshops or work space while vacuums work cleaning on different materials and surfaces they can remove dirt, dust and debris from hard floors, glass and  carpets.


Vacuums come with single compartments in which they put all dirt. On the other hand, several dust extractors come with two compartments in which they collect dust from the environment and give better experience to you.

Which One You Should Choose?

The selection of tools mostly depends on CFM, it helps you to choose which one is best for your workplace. Most workers use both tools because they think that they are ideal for multiple cleaning needs.

Can You Use a Vacuum as a Dust Extractor?

Yes of course, we can use a vacuum cleaner as a dust extractor but there are some limitations. But we need to connect it through a 4 inch dust port. For more effective outcomes connect it through routers and sanders that have small diameter dust ports.

Is a Dust Extractor Better Than a Hoover?

They both are able to clean large surfaces faster. But a dust extractor is better because it can remove dust from floors of workshops or other power tools as well as cleans the air of workspace surroundings. 

Wrap Up!!

Here in this article, we gave some beneficial information to you and describe some obvious and major differences between dust extractor and vacuum which will help you to examine which one you want to buy for your requirements and needs. So always try to invest in that one which will be convenient and useful for you in future.

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