How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum? Step By Step Full Guide

Dyson vacuum cleaners are the best options to invest in order to fulfill your needs of deep cleaning your carpet and capturing pet hairs for effective and quick cleans and provide best versatile hard floor cleaning solutions. If there’s a sudden loss in the suction power or your dyson just started to smell funky? Before you make your budget to invest in a new one. STOP!!! learn how to clean a dyson vacuum with expert guidelines.

How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum

They just need a quick clean and maintenance as your dyson vacuum cleans your home, so you also have to dyson hand vacuum cleaning.

How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum? Detailed Guide

How clean dyson vacuum? Dyson vacuum cleaning is not that tricky if you know the right way. Here I am going to give you a detailed guide on the cleaning of your dyson vacuum with the following simple and easy steps. Hope you will get understanding and beneficial information about cleaning your dyson vacuum properly.

Required Material:

First, I will show you the list of materials we are going to be required for this task.

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Air compressed device
  • Pair of scissors
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • Vinegar

1. Unplug Your Dyson

Before starting your task, make sure to unplug your dyson vacuum from the power outlet. Because your life is more precious and it will provide a safe way to do your vacuum cleaning and cut down the risk of getting an electrical shock.

Unplug Your Dyson

2. Empty the Dust Canister

How to empty dyson dust canister? A good place to start the cleaning of your dyson vacuum is its dust canister because all the dyson vacuums are bagless. Their canister should be at least half full when you perform cleaning so you will be able to empty the dust and dirt easily. Dust canisters traditionally found underneath the cyclones. On most of the models, there is a red button right next to the base. Press this button to bring the dust canister out of the vacuum.

It may be found at different places in different models, but it should not be far away. You can check your manual if you don’t know where it is exactly. Press the button on the dust canister as a result base will come out. Now empty all the debris and dust into the trash. Make sure you shake it vigorously to remove dirt and dust  as much as you can.

Empty the Dust Canister

3. Scrub the Dust Canister

After removing the debris, now take a damp microfiber cloth for the inside cleaning of the dust canister. Microfiber cloths are best to be used because they are positively charged and hold the dust particles tightly so they won’t smear back onto the dust canister while scrubbing it.

Never use any washing detergents for the dust canister because Dyson does not recommend it. They may make the material stickier. After cleaning the dust canister with the help of microfiber cloth, dry the canister totally. Leaving excess dampness or moisture can cause the growth of mold in it.

Scrub the Dust Canister

4. Cleaning Cyclone Component

It is usually mentioned in the manual of the dyson vacuums that consumers should avoid any kind of  liquids, washing chemicals and water during the cleaning of any cyclone component of dyson vacuums.

So instead of using any damaging liquid, you can try an air compressed device to remove maximum debris and dirt from the cyclone with great suction power.

Cleaning Cyclone Component

5. Remove and Wash the Filters: Dyson Filter Cleaning

How to clean dyson filter? The filters of dyson vacuum have a necessary importance to keep your home clean. They fully trap all the dust, dirt, debris, bacterias and other particles like pollen from the air.

You need to keep them clean for effective working of your vacuum. Often they are colored purple so you can spot them easily near the cyclone. You just have to lift them and for further dyson vacuum filter cleaning remove them from there.

Remove and Wash the Filters

Steps to Wash the Filters:

Washing your filters is very necessary and easy. Here are the following steps in sequence to follow.

  • Take your filters out and start running water onto them under a tap.
  • You don’t need to use any kind of washing detergents or chemicals for this purpose. Cold water is recommended and enough to clean out all the dust and dirt away from filters.
  • Gently squeeze them and continue this process of running water on them until water runs clear.
  • After washing them, place them on a clean and dry area for at least 24 hours. So they become dry fully.
  • After they become dry, insert them back into the dyson vacuum and they are ready to be used.

6. Untangle the Brush

Dyson vacuum cleaners are best for capturing pet hairs from either carpets or hard floors so they become tangled which reduces their cleaning efficiency.

In order to keep them maintained, just take a pair of scissors and a flat head screwdriver. Start from separating the soleplate from the vacuum and clean the brush bar. Now cut the pet hairs and anything else twisted around your vacuum brush. Now untangle your brush with the screwdriver. You can also remove large debris away from the brush manually. A damp microfiber cloth can also be used to clean any compartments from the brush. Just make sure to dry properly before putting them back on the soleplate.

Untangle the Brush

7. Unclog the Hose

With the passage of time, hose of your vacuum can also become clogged which reduces the suction power. But you can also make it clean. Separate it from the wand by pressing the button of detachment.

Now look inside the hse, if there is any debris inside it use any stick or handle of mop to bring it out. You can use vinegar or any household detergent to kill bacteria’s or germs present inside it. But it is not recommended to use any harsh chemical that will cause damage to your dyson vacuum hose.

Unclog the Hose

8. Wipe Down the Whole Vacuum Body

After you finish cleaning with all of your vacuum major parts, now take a damp microfiber cloth but not more saturated. And start wiping down your vacuum body. Sanitize the soleplate and wheels because after rolling on the floor or carpet they collect grime too.

You can also use dilute solution vinegar for wiping or sanitizing. Always make your vacuum totally dry before putting them in use again.

Why Do We Need to Keep Them Clean?

The dust, bacteria’s, pollens and other dirt particles trapped in the filters of the vacuum. Brushes become tangles due to pet hairs or other fibers which affect the working capability of dyson vacuum. So cleaning your dyson vacuum not only maintains its maximum operating efficiency but also increases their lifespan. Dyson vacuums are expensive and a huge investment so it should be your main interest to keep them clean.

Precautions to Keep in Mind

There are some precautions to keep in mind for the pro cleaning of your dyson vacuum. Let me tell them to you.

  • Never use too much saturated cloth for wiping of vacuum.
  • Never keep your vacuum plugged in while cleaning it will cause an electrical shock.
  • Never go with harsh or any washing chemicals for the washing of your dyson vacuum.
  • Never use hot water for washing filters.


Cleaning your Dyson vacuum is an important task and you can easily perform it after knowing all the easy and simple steps written in this article. You should clean them once every 3 to 4 months for their proper maintenance and prolonging the life of your vacuum. So if you are facing any lower working outcomes of your dyson vacuum don’t rush to invest in a new one. Try this cleaning trick on them and become shocked with their effective cleaning again like new ones!!!

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