How to Remove Water Stains From Wood Floors? 6 Different Types

The floors of your home basically represent your home. Wood floors and furnishing enhance the glory of our home. But you need to keep them clean and maintained. Wood floors can get different sorts of stains no matter how. The reason for stains may be your pet urine, your rain boots coming from outside, water marks, coffee cup marks, any cooking splanters and many more stains may stay on your wood. No matter how expensive wood floors you own, still you can’t compromise to leave stains for a long time. So lets start to get information about how to remove water stains from wood floors.

How to Remove Water Stains From Wood Floors

They need quick clean up. Otherwise grime and dust will cause your wood to turn into black, dark stains which make your wood easily susceptible to damage. But no worries, I will give you some beneficial information about removing different kinds of stains from your wood floors and keep them new and shiny.

Identify the Type of Stains

There is not a single or set of ways to remove dark water stains from wood floors. Instead different types of stains demand different ways and techniques to deal with them for their removal. So first try to identify the type of stain on your wood floor for effective cleaning. I am going to tell you here some kind of stains that your wooden floors can suspect of at your homes. And explain the ways for their removal properly.

  • White Stains
  • Black Stains
  • Pet Urine Stains
  • Oil Stains
  • Dirt Stains
  • Heat Stains

How to Remove Water Stains From Wood Floors: Guidelines

Most of us love the smell of freshly polished wood floors. Have you ever tried to remove water stains from wood floors? If not, you are missing out. It’s one part that most people do not consider when they have them. Below I will share some steps and tips on how to remove all types of water stains on wood.

1. White Stains

White stains are basically water stains but each water stain is of different behavior and they affect the floor finish. They form on new wood floors, but old oily wood floors don’t become permissible to them. If they penetrate into the wood and stay for a long time, the effectiveness for the attempts of removal from your wood floor will reduce.

White Stains

Ways to Remove White Stains:

There are different ways for this task, but I am going to tell you the most effective ways and procedure for their water rings on wood cleaning.

Mineral Oil:

For lighter water stains this method will break down them. You just need to apply a thin layer of mineral oil on water stains with the help of a soft microfiber cloth. Wait for several minutes to let the wood absorb oil and repeat the process again. Within 24 hours your water stains will disappear from your wood floor.

Mineral Spirits:

Mineral spirits have more tendency to penetrate into wood finishing in comparison to mineral oil. If mineral oil does not make your water stain invisible, you can use water spirit instead of oil with the same procedure. And wait for 24 hours it will break down water marks from your wood floors.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is also very effective for cleaning water stains. First make a thick paste of baking soda with water. Apply the paste onto a water stain with the help of a  microfiber cloth. Then rub the paste for a while and leave for 24 hours. The stain will be removed for shine, apply furniture polish and let it dry overnight and all done.

Clothes Iron:

As water stains are easy to remove if you catch them early. So heat will work effectively to evaporate the moisture from your wood leaving no mark. You can use either a hair dryer for removing stain but try to keep it moving or a clothing steam iron for this purpose. Simply heat up your steam iron, place the clean and wet cloth between the iron and floor to avoid burning. Now iron the cloth until the stain is removed.

2. Black Stains

Removing black stains from your wood floors is tricky and can cause an error process. So always be careful while doing it. They can cause the issue of removing your wood floor finish to reach the stained wood beneath.

Black Stains

Ways to Remove Black Stains:

Here are some effective ways for this how to remove water marks from wood procedure. And hope they will help you to remove stains from your wooden floors easily.

Sand Paper:

In order to water stain remover from the surface layer of the floor we can use a sandpaper of grit 100. This works efficiently for the stains that are not too deeply penetrated into the wood.

Rub the stain by using sand paper in the direction of the grain. After use steel wool to feather the edges of the water stain wood. Final and last, apply several coats of the wax to match the original wood floor finishing again.

Wood Bleach:

This method is the last resort for removing dark stains due to deep penetration in the wood. Apply a coat of bleach over the stain and it will help to lighter the dark water stains. This process will take a few hours. Remove extra bleach with the help of a sponge. After you observe that stains become light, now apply a thin layer of vinegar and after a couple of hours remove it with the help of a sponge.

3. Pet Urine

Having pets at your home feels good but the tough stains and odor of their urine left on the wood floor does not feel good to you. Everyone wants to get rid of it easily. So here are some methods for you to follow for removing pet urine stains from wooden floors.

Pet Urine

Ways to Remove Pet Urine:

Let me explain some very effective and obvious ways for the removal of tough urine stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide has a strong formula which can easily remove strong or tough stains of pet urine from the wooden floors. It is very safe and naturally cleans the stains that sit for too long by discoloring them. But be sure that the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with your wood floor is not vigorous.

Dampen a cloth with hydrogen peroxide. Now press the cloth onto the stain so that hydrogen peroxide becomes absorbed into the wood. Just leave the cloth overnight on the stain and in the next morning remove it. Simply clean the stain with clean and damp cloth. Your stain will be gone.

White Vinegar:

White vinegar is a natural cleaner and disinfectant which is safe for wood to remove any sort of tough stains from it.

For this method you just have to take some paper towels soaked with white vinegar and layered them over the stain for almost 30 minutes to let the stain absorb. After 30 minutes, remove them and clean the stain clean cloth. If it does not totally remove the stain then make the mixture of vinegar with baking soda and after a few minutes wipe it.

4. Oil Stains

Wood floors in your kitchen can easily become stained through oil. But no worries you can quickly clean them and will be easy to remove if you don’t let them stay for too long.

Ways to Remove Oil Stains:

Mineral spirits are very effective at removing oil stains. Just take a clean microfiber cloth and soak it with mineral spirit and start rubbing away your oil stain. After a few attempts your stain will break down. But keep in mind don’t make your cloth too saturated for your wood floor.

5. Dirt Stains

It’s not a big deal for your wooden floors to get susceptible to dirt stains easily at high traffic areas or any high use corner of your home. Dirt from your shoes outside and many other things can build up dirt stains on your wood floors but they can be clean very easily.

Ways to Remove Dirt Stains:

You don’t need to clean them with water or moop, instead you can simply buy some furniture polish especially made for wood. Simply apply them on the stain and slightly rub with microfiber cloth for proper finishing and you are all done.

Wrap Up!!!

As you know, prevention is better than cure similarly is the case with wood floors. They need proper regular cleaning to prevent tough and hard stains. In this article, I have shared some very effective and efficient methods to remove different kinds of stains from your wood floors so you must try them and make wood floor stain removal easy and comfy for you. These all methods are applicable and have no side effects because I checked these methods. Cheers!!

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