How to Wash a Body Pillow? 2 Amazing Methods for Washing Body Pillow

Body pillows allow you to relax after a long day, when you curl up next to them. They are specially proven beneficial for side sleepers and pregnant women’s because they provide support and relieve pressure to your muscles, hips and spines. They come in different sizes and shapes and you can find them according to your body fit for perfect cuddle sleep. Can you wash a body pillow? So learn how to wash a body pillow with step by step guide.

How To Wash A Body Pillow

How To Wash A Body Pillow: 2 Methods

There are essential two ways to wash your pillows according to the fiber and material filled inside them. Now I am going to explain the whole procedure step by step for your convenience.

  • Wash Body Pillow by Hand
  • Wash Body Pillow by Machine

1. Washing By Hand

Body pillows that are latex or memory foam filled are not recommended to wash in machines. They need hand wash to prevent them from clumping.

Washing By Hand

Remove the Cover:

If your body pillows are covered, then first remove their covers before washing. So you can deeply clean them. You can clean your cover separately in the washing machine.

Remove the Cover

Fill a Tub With Water:

Now fill the bathtub or any large bucket with enough water so your pillow can easily be submerged into it fully. If the bucket doesn’t match your pillow size so you can also bend it into half to make it submerged fully.

Fill a Tub With Water

Add Your Detergent:

Add 3 tablespoons of mild laundry detergent into the water and stir with your hand to evenly mix. Let the bubbles rise. Wait until your pillow soaks the water well.

Add Your Detergent

Wash the Pillow:

After it soaked the water fully. Now massage it gently without putting much pressure and squeeze it to remove the dirt out of it.

Wash the Pillow

Rinse With Water:

After you repeatedly squeeze your pillow to remove all dirt. Rinse it with water until water runs clear and out of any detergent or bubbles.

Spot Cleaning:

When you rinse your pillow and if it is left with any stain. Don’t wash the whole body pillow again instead take a bucket and a cloth and gently scrub them off.

Dry Your Pillow:

You can’t dry your foam filled or latex pillows in the dryer because it will cause damage to them. Simply lay down flat after washing in a clean area for air dry to get their fluff again.

After Washing and Drying Your Body Pillow, They Are Ready to Use.

2. Washing By Machine

How to wash a body pillow in the washer? How to clean a body pillow? Can you put a body pillow in the washer? The pillows that are feathery, down or down alternatives can be washed easily in washing machines but still you need some precautions and guidelines to follow. Here I am going to explain all of them to you.

Washing By Machine

Remove Pillow Cover:

First of all, uncover your pillow so you can wash them properly. But if you want to wash both, you can do this at a single time by putting them together in the washing machine.

Put Your Pillow in Washing Machine:

Now put your body pillow into the washing space. Never add other laundry clothes with your body pillow because it will reduce the area for your pillow to wash properly. If your washing machine size is not adequate for your pillow you can also bend them into half for perfect fit.

Put Your Pillow in Washing Machine

Add Detergent:

Add a regular scoop/cup of mild laundry detergent in the washing machine. Never choose liquid detergents because they may stay long in your pillows and it will become hard to rinse them off.

Add Detergent to machine

Start the Wash Cycle:

After you put your pillow into the washing machine, adjust the settings of your washer according to the instructions given to the care tag of your pillows. And start the wash cycle and let it work as  magic for you with less effort.

Start the Wash Cycle

Dryer Your Pillows:

After the complete wash cycle, put your pillow in the dryer and adjust settings. It is preferable to adjust your dryer on air / fluff or no heat settings for feathery body pillows. But for down feathers, you can use a low heat dryer.

Dryer Your Pillows

Check Your Pillows:

Last and final, check your pillows if any dampness or moisture is left then again repeat the process to make them dry. If you don’t want to repeat the process of drying then leave them at a clean area for air cross and naturally dry them.

Check Your Pillows

Dryer your pillows, if no moisture is left, your body pillows are clean and ready to go. Now you can again use them for perfect cuddling sleep in a hygiene and safe environment.

Guideline and Factors to Wash Your Body Pillow

Washing your body pillows may seem tricky to you if you don’t know the right way and procedure. So, Let me give  the ultimate guidance for you to know the right way to wash your body pillows. There are some factors we need to consider before washing for effective and epic results. Here is the list of these factors.

Guideline and Factors to Wash Your Body Pillow

Read Labeled Instructions:

First, we need to read the labeled instructions on the tag or label in order to know if there’s any specificity given by manufacturers or companies  for washing and maintenance of your body pillows.

Identify the Material of Your Pillow:

Identifying the material of your pillow is very essential because all pillows are not machine friendly. Pillows that contain memory foam or latex filing are not machine friendly and require a simple hand wash. But down, down alternatives or feathers filled pillows are easily machine friendly.

Washing Temperature:

Always determine the temperature of water before washing on the label of instructions given by the company. It’s essentially a bad idea to wash your body pillows in hot water in order to kill bacteria’s and germs. Instead it causes shrinkage of fiber and ruins the shape of your pillow. So, wash your pillows either by warm water or cold water according to instructions but never hot water.

Selection of Detergent Appropriate to Pillow Material:

Different detergents react differently to your body pillow material. Laundry detergents are preferable for feather and down type pillows but never use liquid because they get hard to rinse from the pillow fiber or material and cause damage. Latex or foam fill pillows require hand washed detergents. To remove excess oil and grease, dishwasher detergent is recommended.

Why Do We Need to Wash Them?

Like your regular pillows, they also rack up dust particles, sweat, allergens at your home and bacteria’s even if you cover them with pillow cases. This may cause sore throat, nose running, asthma and other allergic reactions which may disturb your sleeping comfort and health. So you need to wash them for their maintenance and keep them hygienic.

How Often Should We Wash Them?

You must wash your body pillows at least once after 4 to 6 months of usage if they are covered with casings. But if they stay uncovered, you should wash them after every month. And of course, it also depends on how often you use them either on a regular basis or not.


In this article, we give you complete guidance for washing body pillows both by hand and using a washing machine. Now it depends on you which material filled pillow you have or which method you consider most preferable for you. Washing and maintaining them not only make them clean and safe to use but also increase the life spans of your favorite regular use body pillows. Hope, now you will take care of them properly. Cheers!

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