How to Wash a Silk Pillowcase: Two Methods

Beauty sleep is a very real thing, and silk pillowcases are the best option to enhance your beauty. They really reduce your hair breakage in the morning, avoid wrinkles and acne, also those creases that your normal pillowcases leave at your face in the morning. Silk pillowcases are more expensive and delicate in comparison to other pillowcases of polyester and cotton. As they are delicate, silk pillowcases require extraordinary care and considerations for their laundering and keep their luxurious fabric and shine maintained.

How to Wash a Silk Pillowcase

They can get ruined easily if you don’t pay attention while washing them. But no worries, here in this article I am going to describe to you the whole procedure for their washing and maintenance for their long life.

How Often Should We Wash Them?

How Often Should We Wash Them

The question of how often we should wash them can vary by depending on your lifestyle and the nature of your body and skin or how much you sweat. A very good rule of thumb is to wash your silk pillowcases at least once in a week. But if you wash them regularly it will be more miraculous for you because you will get rid of bacteria, dust as well as natural build up from your skin or hair products.

So wash your pillowcase more frequently according to the nature of your skin. But for convenience and ease you can keep an extra pillowcase for a rotation.

Guideline to Hand Wash a Silk Pillowcase:

We can wash our silk pillowcases both in the washing machine or by hand wash. But you need to read label instructions because sometimes manufacturers specify only hand wash. Now, I am going to give you the explanation below and first have a look on the list of materials we required for this task.

Material We Required

  • Cold water
  • Laundry bag
  • Distilled white detergent
  • A bucket
  • Fabric softener

1. Washing by Hand

Hand washing your silk pillowcase is pretty easy if you follow the following steps in the right sequence.

Washing by Hand

Read the Label Instructions

First read the label instructions which are normally attached in the inner corner of the pillowcase. This will help you to know if there are any specific recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Spot and Treat Any Stain on the Pillowcase

If you spot any stain on your pillowcase then you need to use a stain remover and sprayed it onto the spot to get rid of it. Use a stain remover whose pH level is neutral to keep your pillowcase protective.

Let the Pillowcase Soak for a While

After mixing lukewarm water with laundry detergent, dip your silk pillowcase into it. Let them soak for at least 5 minutes.

But never soak them more than five minutes; it will cause shrinkage and damage to the fibers of your silk.  You can also swirl it by hand but don’t scrub it harshly.

Drain Water out of the Bucket

After the soaking time is complete, drain the soapy water out of the bucket but still let the silk pillowcase place inside the bucket.

Refill the Bucket Again With White Vinegar and Fabric Softener

Now refill the bucket with cold water and add a little amount of distilled white vinegar. After mixing it, now pour some drops of fabric softener into the bucket. Swirl your hand into it.

Let your silk pillowcase soak into this mixture for only 1 minute. This mixture will remove any excess soap and alkalinity from your silk pillowcase and the softener will provide softness to your silk.

Drain the Liquid of Bucket and Rinse out Pillowcase

Now drain the mixture out of the bucket. Use cold and fresh tap water for rinsing out your silk pillowcase. Let the water run, until your pillowcase becomes soap and any bubbles free. Make sure to flip the side of your pillowcase to rinse thoroughly from both the inner and outer side.

Lay the Pillowcase Flat on a Clean Towel

After slightly squeezing your pillowcase, place it onto a clean and dry towel. It’s recommended to avoid drying silk in direct sunlight.

Let your silk pillowcase dry fully without leaving any moisture and dampness into it. It will take a few hours to be dried fully depending on the climate and temperature.

2. Washing by a Machine

There are some high quality silks which can be washable in the washing machines but still there are sequential steps and instructions to follow for safe and secure washing of your silk pillowcases.

Washing by a Machine

Read the Label Instructions

It will be mentioned on the label of your silk pillowcase that it can be washed safely into the washing machines. But if it is not mentioned then it will be safe to dry clean them.

Set the Temperature of Washing Cycle on the Machine

Hot water is not safe for the silk, it will cause shrinkage. So always set the settings of your machine to set temperature upto 30 centigrade. Maximum temperature of more than 30 will cause damage.

Put the Pillowcase Into Laundry Bag and Then Into Machine

No matter how good the silk of your pillowcase is. Still there are chances of damage to the luxurious fabric of silk.. So put your silk pillowcase into the laundry bag and then into the washing machine.

Add Detergent and Start the Cycle

Now add ½ scoop of regular mild detergent into the washing machine. Set the washing machine setting to the gentle and delicate cycle. Press the start button to begin the washing cycle. Always use a non-alkaline detergent.

Lay the Pillowcase Flat on a Towel

After lightly squeezing your silk pillowcase, now lay it flat on the clean towel. It will take a few hours to become dry. Make sure your silk pillowcase is fully damp and moisture free before you take it on use.

Things to Avoid!!

There are some warnings that you should consider and keep in your mind while washing your silk pillowcases. I am going to put them here for you.

Things to Avoid
  • Never use bleach for your silk pillows.
  • Always use cold water, hot will cause shrinkage.
  • Never put them into dryers.
  • Keep them safe from direct sunlight.
  • Never use iron on silk.

Bottom Line!!

Sleep is a game of beauty, when you use silk pillowcases. Because they are good for our skin and hair. But if you don’t keep them clean they will tend to lose their strength. So you need to wash them properly by reading  the given information in this article. Enjoy your happy sleep!!

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