How To Wash Clothes Without A Washer? 3 Amazing Methods

Did you ever think about how people used to wash their clothes before the invention of washing machines? What if your machine breaks down, gets any sort of technical issue, and there is no readily available washing machine. And you don’t have any rapid purchase or replacement of the washing machine. Then how to wash clothes without a washer?? In this article I am going to answer all these questions and explain a very simple and outdo method for you to wash your clothes without the help of a washer.

How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer

No doubt, washers are very helpful, time-saving and life saving gadgets but there are some instances in your life when you just can’t avail this option. For instance if you are going on a long trip you cant bring your washer with you, if you are living in a small apartment and also your bills are not fitting because of the washer then you can wash your clothes easily by your hands in a few steps.

How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer: Guidelines

Laundering your dirty clothes is a continuous fact in our society. So we need to wash our clothes no matter if we are staying all time in our homes because of the pandemic situation and have no option to go to the nearest laundromat. You have to wash them, that’s why I am going to give you a complete guideline to wash your clothes step by step in a very acknowledged way.

There are different method of washing clothes without washing machine. Here we are shared some;

  • Wash Clothes by Hand
  • Wash With a Washboard
  • Use a Mobile Washer

1. Wash Clothes by Hand

We provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to wash clothes by hand. Follow these steps and see the whole method of washing clothes by hand.

Wash Clothes by Hand

Prep Your Clothes:

First, step is to prep your clothes before washing, which means you need to separate your white or light colored clothes from dark ones. Because dark colored clothes can bleed color even if you wash them in hard water and cause harm to your white clothes. Also separate apart your delicate clothes like lace, wool, silk, and any other fancy dresses. Shake out your clothes to remove any excess dirt and dust accumulated on your clothes.

Gather Your Tools:

Gather all the fundamental tools you are going to require while hand washing your clothes. I am going to enlist them here:

  • To hand-wash effectively, we need a spacious tub to soak and wash our clothes. You can also use your bathtub, sinks for washing and rising or any bucket.
  • In order to remove stains, and soften dirt we need mild-detergents or soap bars.
  • Next we need water in which we soak our desired clothes and rinse them. You can use tap water or may boil water from natural resources because natural water contains too many minerals which is hard and may produce scum on your stains.
  • We also need a clean and dry hanging line place, where we can hang our clothes to dry them naturally.

Read Label Instructions:

Before washing clothes either by hand or washer, it’s always necessary to read labeled instructions given by manufacturers on tags to know if any specific conditions are given.

Read cloth Label Instructions

Soak Your Clothes:

Fill your tub with water according to your tag care instructions either cold or warm. But it’s preferable to use lekume water. After filling with water, add ½ scoop of regular laundry detergent into water and share your hand to mix it perfectly. Do we washing clothes without detergent? No we are try to go with liquid detergents rather than powder. Spread out your clothes but keep in mind never put too many clothes at one time. It will make it harder for you to remove stains and wash thoroughly.

Soaking your clothes will help them to loosen all dirt and dust and dissolve hard, greasy stains. It also makes your clothes soft and allows you to put minimum force to wash keeping them safe from fiber damage.

Wash Your Clothes:

After soaking, now it’s time to wash them. But first if there’s any stain on your clothes rub a stain remover and if you don’t have any, you can use a soap bar instead. Let it sit for five minutes then rub slightly back and forth against the stain.

In case of heavy stains, rubbing will not work efficiently. So place your cloth on a flat clean surface and use a brush to scrub. It will definitely clean the stain and your clothes as well.

Rinse Your Clothes:

Now, drain out the dirty water from the tub and again fill it with clean, cold water for rinsing. You can also use any additional tub for washing if you have. Move the clothes in clean water or press them by hand to remove detergent or soap which your clothes soak during the soaking step. Again drain soapy water, and repeat the process until water runs clear.

You can also rinse your clothes under the running tap instead of tub filling.

Advantages of Hand Washing Your Clothes:

Hand washing is not rare but you have to adopt it in some cases and it proves accommodating. So let me explain some important features of hand washing which will amuse you.

  • If you have some delicate dresses that are embroidered or lace and you don’t want to ruin them, then you can easily wash them by hand washing in a very secure and safe manner.
  • This will give long-life to your clothes and maintain their grace.
  • You can easily bleach your white clothes but can’t do this in the washing machine because bleach will devastate your colored outfits.
  • It doesn’t make your fabric look too old and  faded.
  • You don’t need to go outside to the laundromat to wash your delicate or fancy dresses.
  • Hand washing only uses human energy thus you can reduce your electricity bill with no use of electrical washers.

Tips You Should Know!!

Now I am going to tell you some superb tips that will make you a pro hand washing cleaner.

  • Dry your clothes under natural air. Never keep them under the sun for too long. It will   fade their color.
  • If hand washing proves tiring for you. Then you can use a plunger or agitator which will help you in hand washing.
  • You can make your own stain remover with the following items may already be available at your home for effective cleaning of your clothes. You just have to add  1 tablespoon salt, 1 cup vinegar, ½ cup baking soda, 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide and mix them with water to make a fine paste. And enjoy effective cleaning.
  • Use mild-detergents and don’t forget to wear gloves if your skin is sensitive to detergents.

2. Wash Clothes With Washboard

How to wash clothes with washboard(bucket clothes washer)? How to wash clothes in bathtub? We provide a step-by-step guide to washing clothes with a washing board. Follow these steps and see the whole method of washing clothes by washboard.

Wash Clothes With Washboard

Remove Stains & Color Spots:

In order to remove stains, you need to get rid of the color in them first. You can use a stain remover or also use water and bleach. If you want to remove stains, then it is best to take out the entire piece of clothing and soak it in bleach or another strong cleaning agent for a few minutes. After that, rinse your clothing thoroughly and wring out all excess water. You may also want to lay out your clothing on paper towels so that they dry completely before putting them back into their original settings.

Put Water & Detergent In Basin:

A basin is a large container that is used for washing clothes, and other items. You should fill it with detergent and warm water before adding your clothing. You can use any type of detergent, but avoid using fabric softeners as they will leave residue on your clothes when they dry out.

Let Clothing Soak:

For best results, make sure that each piece of clothing spends at least one minute in the basin before rinsing it off thoroughly with cold water. This will help remove dirt and grime from within the fibers of each piece of clothing so that it can be washed properly without causing any damage to them.

Scrub Clothes With Washboard:

To remove stubborn stains, use a washboard to scrub your clothes and remove excess water. The soap will help you to get rid of the dirt and oil that is left on your clothes after washing them.

Scrub Clothes With Washboard

Remove The Detergent By Rinsing:

When you have completed washing your clothes, rinse them with warm water until all the detergent is removed from them. This will help you in removing any remaining dirt from the clothes that may be left behind.

Take Out Excess Water And Dry:

Once you have rinsed your clothes, take them out of the basin and hang them up to dry. This is an important step because it will ensure that no more water will be absorbed into your clothes during drying process.

3. Wash Clothes With Mobile Washer

Mobile washers are an excellent way to wash your clothes, especially if you live in a small area or don’t have access to traditional washing machines. They permit you to smoothly wash all of the clothes in your closet, including delicates and delicate fabrics that regular washing machines may damage.

Wash Clothes With Mobile Washer

You can also use them for your laundry room or even outside if there’s no garden hose available. Mobile washers are also great for camping trips because they save space and make it easy to wash everything from clothing and bedding to towels, sheets, and blankets without having to lug around heavy buckets or other containers.

Mobile Washer use

Drying Your Clothes:

Final and last step is to choose a neat and clean hanging line space for your clothes to let them dry through natural air pass out. After a few hours your clothes will be completely dry. Now it’s ready to wear again. Cheers!!

Drying Your Clothes


Here is the complete guidance with images of washing for you to keep your clothes long-life, bright  and graceful as they are new in short, which is handwashing. So try to wash your clothes on your own instead of laundering them. It will be beneficial for your clothes and save you from expense too. I hope this article will help you to wash them properly and effectively with less effort.

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