Lg Cordzero A9 vs Dyson V11: Comparison With Customer Review 2022

Stick cordless stick vacuums free you from the frustrating faff of cords. They’re extremely lightweight, easy on the back and run on rechargeable batteries. It means there’s no more irksome plugging and unplugging as you move around the house. But only few are truly effective in means of suction power and battery runtime/charging. If you’re in a hurry and at full-tilt want to know “who’s the final champion of comparison?” in Lg Cordzero a9 vs Dyson V11.

Lg Cordzero A9 vs Dyson V11

So to make things easier for you. I would say that both of these lg cordzero a9 and dyson v11 vacuums are great vacuums and it is really hard to choose between them as they are both are high-end models with very powerful suction, not forgetting to mention their long running time on a single charge that also supports recharging while cleaning. Today i’m reviewing two top of charts, cordless stick vacuums, from famous manufacturers lg and dyson. Here is the quick comparison of Lg Cordzero a9 vs Dyson V11.

LG Cordzero A9

LG Cordzero A9
  • Manufacturer
  • Series/Model
    LG A9

Dyson V11

Dyson V11
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
    Dyson V11


FeatureLg Cordzero A9Dyson V11
Handle Length44.1 inches49.7 inches
Cleaning Path Width10.2 inches9.8 inches
Bin Capacity13.5 oz25.6 oz
Pivoting HeadYesYes
Convert to HandheldYesYes
Folding HandleNoNo
Head LightsNoNo

Battery and Power

Cordless              YesYes
Battery Voltage25.55v30.45v
Battery Life80 mint1 hour
Recharge Time6 hours8 hours
Self PropelledNoNo
Suction Power140 AW185 AW
Swappable BatteryYesNo


Variable SuctionYesYes
Hepa FilterNoYes
Washable FilterYesYes
Full Bin IndicatorNoYes
Pet HairYesYes
Self CleaningNoNo
Self EmptyingNoNo
Carpet HeightAdjustableAdjustable

Attachments and Accessories

Dust BrushYesNo
Pet BrushYesYes
Bare Floor NozzleYesYes
Extension WandYesNo
Edge CleaningYesYes
Wall MountYesYes
Upholstery BrushYesYes


Hardwood FloorYesYes
Tile FloorYesYes
Laminate FloorYesYes
Concrete FloorYesYes

Lg Cordzero A9 vs Dyson V11: Detailed Review

Now i’ll dive deep into the detailed features of lg cordzero a9 vs dyson v11. So you’ll know everything and capabilities about these two and your decision making will become easy and effortless.

LG Cordzero A9

Lg Cordzero A9 Review

  • Consumer Engagement
    Chosen by 643 People
  • Customer Feedback
    9.4% / 10%
  • Brand Reputation
  • Benefits and Features

Every piece of my house is cleaned, including closets and cabinets. I never need to worry about the possibility of it getting clogged since this lg cordless vacuum cleaner has a rotating brush that can remove stubborn dirt from carpets. It’s great that I can change both the main and the side filters with ease. Silent and reliable, if you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner for your home, I strongly recommend the a9 lg vacuum cleaner cordless.

Lg Cordzero A9 Review

The LG a9 lg cordless vacuums is one of those machines that will definitely work hard to make your life easier. It has impressive suction power and a long warranty, so you can trust it to clean up after you.

Customer Reviews:

These are the LG cordzero a9 vacuum cleaner customer reviews, before buying vacuum must read these custom reviews.

Dual Battery: Take Charge of Your Cleaning Time

The lg cordzero A9 ultimate stick vacuum has dual batteries that are rechargeable. The batteries are detachable with quick release. This feature lets you clean your home without any interruption and breakage while cleaning because you can replace a full charge battery with a dead one, which takes 80 minutes to become fully charged. In this way, you can clean your home without any interruption and breakage which saves your time.

Filtration System: 5 Steps

Lg cordzero stick vacuum have a 5 step filtration system which can trap 99.99% of the dirt, dust, even fine dust particles and allergens from the air that passes through and can disturb your breath cycle. It means there’s no chance that anything will be leftover with such miraculous filters.

The 5-steps of  filtration system involves:

  • A metal dust filter
  • First and second cyclones
  • Pre filter
  • Fine dust filter

In this way, the filtration system of the lg stick vacuum is very-friendly with users with asthma or allergy concerns.

Washable Cyclone and Filters:

If you want to extend the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner, maintenance is so necessary. If the filters of your vacuum are dirty and not replaced earlier than more suction will be needed to perform good vacuuming which may reduce the efficiency of vacuum and motor.

Lg cordzero A9 ultimate has a feature of washable cyclone and filters, that they come out with quick release and just rinse it out under water. This makes maintenance easy and you don’t need to buy filters twice a year, saving money. An additional pair of cyclones and filters are also provided with purchase so your vacuum is always ready when you need it.

Powerful Suction – Superior Cleaning:

The cordZero’s smart inverter motor delivers the better performance by putting down a very good suction of 140 air watts in turbo mode. It can also perform deep cleaning of  carpets  inside the stick configuration in particular considering the power floor nozzle has its’ personal direct drive motor. They can easily suck all the debris and dirt from all types of floors and even embedded dirt particles from deep down on a carpet.

While the use of the Cordzero your mind will blow as true with that a cordless stick vacuum can also have a pretty power rating and suction that nothing will be left behind on the area where you are vacuuming.  The motor is backed by a 10 years warranty for lasting peace of mind.

Adjustable Wand Length:

The wand length is adjustable which provides ease for use. You can adjust the height of the wand according to your choice and height of the area whether stairs, walls and floors where you are cleaning. There are 4 adjustable height options for wand in lg cordzero i.e; 34.6’’ , 39.2’’ , 40.7’’ , and 44.1’’.

This feature will also help you out while storing the vacuum by reducing the length of your stick vacuum cleaner.

Easy Store and Charge Stand:

With the LG cordZero cordless stick vacuum, storing of heavy and bulky vacuum is no more a problem. You can easily store and charge it with a portable charging stand, anywhere and anytime. So, just don’t drill holes in your walls anymore.

One Touch Control:

Now you can control all the features of the stick vacuum cleaner with a single touch with your thumb. It means there will be less strain on your hand and you can enjoy an easy and a comfortable clean. You can turn the vacuum on and off, select different levels of power including turbo mode.

Transforms to Handheld Vacuum:

The lg cordzero stick cordless is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. It can be easily converted into handheld vacuum for easy and quick spot cleaning of either upholstery, car seats, couches and all those places that are harder to reach.

Dyson V11

Dyson V11 Review

  • Consumer Engagement
    Chosen by 6,425 People
  • Customer Feedback
    9.6% / 10%
  • Brand Reputation
  • Benefits and Features

After reviewing the Dyson V11, my family and I definitely agree that this vacuum has earned its well-deserved five stars. The product was packed with great features and backed by a modern design and innovative engineering. We have already mentioned the adjustable suction settings and useful cleaning heads, but there are many more details to highlight.

Dyson V11 Review

Furthermore, the overall look of this vacuum is neat, durable, and stays true to Dyson’s reputation for unique designs. Overall, we felt that extensive testing was needed for this review, so we are confident in giving it five stars.

Customer Reviews:

These are the dyson v11 customer reviews, before buying vacuum must read these custom reviews.

Dual Battery: Runtime

Dyson only extends the cleaning runtime with consecutive use of two batteries. So, runtime based on the consecutive use of two battery packs. The lithium ion based battery has higher capacity which delivers more power output than their prior generation while giving as much as 60 minutes of runtime on the lowest operation  mode

Actual runtime can also be based on the power level, floor type or attachment that you are using while cleaning.  So you can expect 45 minute run time on normal upright operation mode which is more than enough to clean an average size home.  The only downside is that the battery is not removable and needs to be charged inside the vacuum.

Powerful Suction: Three Cleaning Modes

The suction power of Dyson V11 is stronger up to 185 air watts of power in their highest improve setting which is really greater than a traditional massive corded upright (about 150 watts). It is designed to provide deep cleaning to your whole home.

With this exceptional suction power it can suck almost everything from every type of floor whether carpets or floors. As it comes with three cleaning modes, eco, auto and boost modes so it will easily switch with suction power with respect to the power needed for superior whole-home cleaning. So cleaning is no longer a difficult task.

Advanced Whole: Machine Filtration

High quality filters are vital as they’ll efficiently trap all the microscopic allergens like dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, pollen and even the smallest particles of 0.3 microns from the air. Dyson V11 is highly friendly for those who are either affected by allergies or bronchial asthma because it has a whole advanced filtration system for the machine.

The combination of inner cyclones and hepa filters trap easily greater than 99.99% of these tiny organisms from  the surrounding  air of your home. The cyclones generate a lot of force that the dust is separated from the air, and something is left gets trapped by way of the clear out.

LCD Screens: Display

Dyson V11 animal has a digital LCD screen that displays different functionality notifications to the user. It will show you the runtime countdown in seconds when the battery begins to run out of juice. It will also give you complete control over your cleaning.

Moreover, for easy maintenance, it will also be able to  display alerts on the screen for maintaining efficient and quality cleaning of your vacuum.

Full-Size Bin and Cleaner Head:

The bin size of Dyson V11 animal is upto .20 gallons which is bigger than other traditional models of the cordless vacuums which means it will provide you longer and smooth cleaning without being worried of emptying your bin again and again in an average sized home.

When the screen displays the full bin indicator, point and shoot bin emptying of your dyson will eject all the dirt and debris in one action without creating any mess, so hygienically.

Now heading towards the full-size cleaner head of dyson V11, which means it will cover more area of the floor where you are vacuuming. So it saves energy and time both and you don’t need to drag your vacuum over and over again in a small portion. It can also automatically adapt suction  power to deep clean different sorts of floor without changing cleaner heads.

5 Dyson Engineered Tools: Versatile Cleaning

Dyson V11 also includes 5 dyson engineered tools that will provide a versatile cleaning for your home and car. You can use them for even more effective and efficient cleaning. The tools are mentioned below.

  1. Combination tool used for collecting dust and solid debris particles
  2. Crevice tool to reach placed harder and tighter  to get clean
  3. Mini motorized tool remove pet hairs from upholstery, car seats and tighter places
  4. Stiff and soft bristle dusting brush sweep dust and dirt from furniture, floors and corners
  5. Wand storage clip it used to handily store combination and crevice tools on the wand of your vacuum for quick availability

Drop In Docking:

The Dyson V11 has a docking station that makes storing even more easier. This docking station charges your cordless stick vacuum and holds the additional attachments so they are always ready to go whenever you want to use and clean your home. So, no more drilling holes in your home and facing scarce storage space.

Transforms to Handheld Vacuum:

Just like,  lg cordzero stick cordless, Dyson V11 animal also converts into handheld vacuums and hence a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. It made it comfy and easy to use for quick spot cleaning of either upholstery, car seats, couches, stairs and further all those places that are harder to reach.

Lg Cordzero a9 vs Dyson V11, both models have their pros and cons. Go through their pros and cons in contrast.

Dyson V11 Pros

It’s really very easy to use,.fairly lightweight, and plenty of suction.

It has an LCD control panel on the backside of the handle.

It is quieter and you can use eco  mode for having conversation while cleaning.

Easy maintenance and comes with a set of 5  dyson engineered tools.

Dust bin is larger and doesn’t need to be empty frequently.

Lg Cordzero A9 Pros

It is able to stand and charge in dock station without drilling.

Batteries are removable with a quick release button.

It is extremely light weight and filters are washable.

It includes a multi-surface power drive nozzle and a set of versatile attachments.

It is budget-friendly and affordable.

Dyson V11 Cons

It is a heavy cordless stick vacuum that weighs up to 6.68 pounds.

The batteries are non-swappable and require a larger time to charge.

It’s on the higher end price wise compared to the marketplace.

In low power modes of cleaning it causes scattering of debris.

Lg Cordzero A9 Cons

The suction power is average and the bin capacity is not very large.

It lacks control of noise level.

Can’t stand in an upright position on it’s own.

If you’re very tall, this vacuum’s handle may be too short for comfort.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

Hope!! After reading this beneficial Lg Cordzero a9 vs Dyson V11 article you’ll be able to choose the best option for you according to your needs. Both champions provide customers satisfaction and give flexible power to clean everything from floors to walls and carpets to rugs, upholstery of your home. But still the matter of choice is always yours.

In case, if you are still in confusion which one to choose,  we’ll recommend you Dyson V11 because it’s really worthy and offers you exceptional suction power, 5 dyson engineered tools for expert cleaning and washable cyclone and filters so never need to replace them. Go grab yours now!!

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

How to Clean Lg Cordzero?

To clean a lg cordzero, first disconnect it from its power or dock station. Further, Remove the dust bin and remove the trash from it. Use a screwdriver to unlock the floor tool and take off the roller brush. Now pull or cut off any debris ,strings and pet hairs tangled around the roller. Also filters and cyclones are washable so rinse them under water.

How to Wash a Dyson v11 Filter?

After removing excess debris, run water over the pleated paper with the foam element downwards. Run water thoroughly inside and outside of the foam element and gently squeeze to remove dirt. Fill the unit with water and place the hand over the open end and shake firmly. After drying they are ready to go.

How Long Does a Dyson v11 Take to Charge?

A full charge takes upto 4.5 hours. When the battery is full, the machine automatically stops consuming any more electricity.

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