Rainbow Vacuum vs Dyson: Comparison of Specs & Durability

Rainbow vacuums and dyson are one of the most popular brand names among vacuum cleaners users. Rainbow vacuums are made in the USA and utilizes imported parts to manufacture quality control measures designed to ensure that each and every model meets high standards and durability. Dyson vacuum cleaners were made in Malmesbury, 2002 but then transferred to production to Malaysia. Let’s do the detailed comparison rainbow vacuum vs dyson.

Rainbow Vacuum vs Dyson

Thanks to these rising and admired advanced tech vacuum cleaners that made our home cleaning tasks very easy. But it’s a challenging decision to know which one you should go for. No worries!! We are here to help you.

Rainbow Vacuum vs Dyson: Quick Comparison

To make your decision-making process easier, let’s have a look at the quick comparison of specifications for both newest models by famous brands of vacuum cleaners; dyson and rainbow vacuums.

SpecificationDyson VacuumsRainbow Vacuums
Model nameV11 Torque DriveBlack Series
Item Model no.268731-01E2 Type 12
Weight6.68 lbs17 lbs
Warranty2 yearsNone
Batteries requiredYesNo
Surface typeHard floors, carpetsCarpets
Dimensions50.63 x 9.84 x 10.2812 x 14 x 46 inches
Buy NowCheck PriceCheck Price
Rainbow vs Dyson Vacuum

There are some key and obvious factors that you evaluate in vacuums before investing in any model of vacuum cleaners. Let’s compare features for both models; Dyson V11 vs Rainbow model E2 type 12.

Hope! After reading this beneficial comparison rainbow vacuum vs dyson article you will be able to make the right choice for you in this bit of a difficult decision.

1. Suction Power

One of the main considerations while differentiating between the rainbow vacuums and dyson is the suction power. Suction power is basically the measurement of water lift (vertically)  in inches when the motor is totally sealed. In other words, it’s also the difference between the atmospheric pressure of your surroundings and a vacuum’s internal pressure.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
The suction power for Dyson V11 is 90 inches\min which is 185 air watts.The suction power for rainbow model E2 is 80 inches\mi which is 165 air watts.
It can remove even micro-sized dust and dirt particles from the floor efficiently.It can also clean your floors effectively but its suction is slightly mild than that of dyson.

The types of floors determine the level of suction power needed. Rugs and carpets need higher suction power while pile carpets need moderate suction. Similarly, hard floors can be vacuumed well at low suction levels.

As the suction power of dyson is stronger than rainbow vacuum for a good cleaning of all pet hairs and unwanted debris. So, Dyson is a step ahead in this case.

Winner: Dyson Vacuum

2. Vacuum Type

Vacuum type means the form factor of your vacuum cleaner which is either upright, handheld, canister and cordless. Vacuums that can be used as multi-purpose vacuum types are always better choices because they provide cleaning ease and comfort to the next level.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
You cannot use it as an all-in-one tool for different purposes.You can use it as an all-in-one tool for different purposes.
It’s a stick, handheld vacuum for cleaning carpets and floors, you can’t use it as a vacuum for cleaning upholstery.A rainbow’s upright vacuum can also be used as a handheld compact vacuum for car seats and upholstery.

Every vacuum from Dyson is only a single purpose vacuum but rainbow vacuums are not. So in this context the rainbow vacuum is a better-choice.

Winner: Rainbow Vacuums

3. Surface Under Considerations

You always need to know your indoor requirements of cleaning before buying any vacuum. Because in order to make your home look spotless and clean from carpets to floors, you vacuum should clean efficiently. So your choice will choose the cleaning representation of your home. The surface recommendation given by manufacturers of both dyson and rainbow vacuum is different. Let me compare that to you.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
The surface recommendation for dyson V11 comprises both carpets and floors.Rainbow E2 provides you with a single surface cleaning recommendation; deep cleaning of carpets.
It is made for all sorts of flooring and gives a polished shiny look to your floors and also clean carpets.It saves you from a backbreaking day by sucking all pet hairs embedded deep in carpets from every corner and edge of your rooms incomparably.

Both vacuums do their job excellently but from starting hard floors to carpets the vacuum of your choice should meet your needs. If your home contains only carpets, you can choose either of two vacuums but if carpets and floors then dyson V11 will earn the points.

Winner: Dyson Vacuums

4. Hepa Technology

Both of these newest models from dyson vs rainbow vacuums have the currently infamous and advanced HEPA technology. The hepa filters in their cleaning system can remove at least 99.97% of dust, dirt, pollen, mold, bacteria and any particles up-to diameter of 0.3 microns.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
It has an advanced Hepa technology cleaning system.Rainbow E2 also has the advanced Hepa technology air filters.
Dyson V11 can remove at least 99.97% of dust, dirt, mold and particles of 0.3 microns.It can also remove 99.97% of dust, dirt and pollen but also provide certified allergy and asthma-friendly deep cleaning.

Both own advanced hepa-technology air filters, but who tend to suffer from allergies and have a pet at home Rainbow model E2 is the right choice for you.

Winner: Rainbow Vacuums

5. Weight of Vacuum Body

Weight of the vacuum cleaner really matters and plays a significant role in your selection process. A quick and easy movement of your vacuum cleaner while cleaning provides huge comfort and ease to you. The myth that heavier vacuums cleans the most is not true at all; users always go with the sheer and lightweight vacuums.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
The body of the Dyson V11 only weight 6.68 pounds.The weight of Rainbow E2 is 17 pounds.
It is a wiser choice for you due to being super lightweight, if you face any backache issues every now and then.It is no doubt bulky but is a good choice because of benefits, unless weight is an issue for you.

The dyson V11 is super-lightweight and easy to move from room to room for any person of age, but rainbow E2 being bulky has other benefits of good water basin and low mainatice. Now the choice is yours.

Winner: Rainbow Vacuums

6. Dust Bin Capacity

You should also keep the dust bin capacity of the vacuum cleaner in mind while you are going to choose. The good dust bin capacity provides you a continuous and non-breaking cleaning routine because you don’t need to clean the debris and dirt from the dustbin of vacuum cleaner after a short while.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
The Dyson V11 has a smaller dustbin capacity of 0.75 liters.The dustbin capacity for rainbow E2 is 2.36 liters which is unique.
Still it will do a good job of full house cleaning without any issues if you regularly cleans up the bin.The vacuum directly pulls all the dirt into the water basin which has zero possibility of triggering your asthma and allergy concerns.

In this case, Rainbow E2 stays one step-forward in comparison to the Dyson. Because except for good capacity, its water basin is very easy to wash with soap water after throwing grubby water away.

Winner: Rainbow Vacuums

7. Price

As you know, both of these models are among famous vacuum cleaners manufacturers and top of the charts. Price always matters a lot because every choice you make relies on your budgets. Let’s compare the prices of both rainbow vacuum vs dyson.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
The price for the Dyson V11 is 699.99$.The price for genuine rainbow E2 is 1299.99 $.
Vacuums from Dyson come with standard price tags and are super-affordable to buy.Rainbow vacuums can be a deal-breaker when it comes to affordability and have comparatively higher money value.

Dyson comes with price tags affordable by all, but rainbow vacuums ignoring higher money are also worthwhile because of extra pros and durability.

Winner: Dyson Vacuums

8. Included Accessories

The included accessories for both models of dyson vs rainbow vacuums are different. Accessories provide extra strength and efficiency to the cleaning outcomes. Let me tell and compare their accessories to you.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
The accessories for Dyson V11 includes Combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, stiff bristle brush, mini soft dusting brush, wand storage clip.The accessories of rainbow model E2 includes a message air\ pet tool, inflator tool, water pan, dusting brush,floor tool, upholstery tool, power nozzle.

Both models include accessories that provide extra strength and efficiency to cleaning tasks by saving both time and energy.

Winner: Both Vacuums

9. Docking to Save Some Space

If you are living in a small house or apartment then docking to save some space is an obvious point that matters for you while choosing a vacuum cleaner. But if space is not an issue for you, you can choose either dyson or rainbow vacuum for you on the basis of your needs.

Dyson VacuumRainbow Vacuum
Dyson has the extra convenience of a docking station to put away your vacuum and additional accessories.It doesn’t come with a docking station to store your vacuum cleaner in minimal space.
Now, storing your vacuum is very simple and plain for you with a dyson.Choosing a rainbow will be no biggie, if you have enough indoor storage facilities.

Depending upon your indoor storage space facilities, you can choose rainbow vacuum easily. Otherwise Dyson will be a good choice for you with minimal storage space.

Winner: Dyson Vacuums

Dyson Vacuum Pros

Easy setup and lightweight to use.


Powerful Suction.

Rainbow Vacuum Pros

Deep Cleaner

Multiple Accessories

Big Dust-bin Capacity

Dyson Vacuum Cons

Smaller Dustbin Capacity.

Extra Light Weight.

Rainbow Vacuum Cons

Very Expensive.

No Warranty.


Well, both Dyson and Rainbow do their job surprisingly. Before any purchase besides advanced features to basic cleaning ability, you also have to keep your requirements in mind. Choose Dyson V11 if you want affordable-vacuum for both carpets and floors while on the other hand rainbow model E2 type 12 will be worth your investment with a range of different tools and deep carpet cleaning. Good luck!!

Rainbow vs Dyson Vacuum (Faq’s)

These are the most repeated questions about rainbow vacuums and dyson vacuums.

Is Rainbow Vacuum Better Than Dyson?

Answer is yes, if you want to experience a durable vacuum and highly effective deep cleaning for your carpets. You will also try extra tools and a  feature of the water basin  which ensures zero possibility of triggering allergies concern.

Are There Any Vacuums Better Than Dyson?

Yes, there are so many other affordable and good alternatives available in the market if you don’t want to splurge on the dyson vacuum. Hoover, bissell and shark vacuum cleaners are also for good and all options.

Is Rainbow Vacuum Really Worth It?

Rainbow vacuum is really worth the money. They are very strong, long-lasting and are far more durable than dyson but have slightly lower suction power.

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