Irobot Roomba 614 Review: Specs & Features Detailed

An early pioneer in robotics, iRobot was founded in 1990 with the vision of manufacturing practical and robotic vacuum cleaners in reality. These days, life has become so busy due to workloads of offices and jobs but they build progressive domestic robots, such as the Roomba Vacuuming robot and the Braava family of mopping robots. So, you can experience better ways that will help you get greater results of cleaning in no effort.

Roomba 614 Review

Roomba 614 Review – Detailed Features

Today, I’m going to review iRobot Roomba 614 robot vacuum- good for pet hair, carpets, hard floors, Self-charging to know everything about it whether it is the right option for you or not. After reading the complete article you will know every good and bad thing about the roomba 614 – 600 series. Keep reading below!!.

Roomba 614

iRobot Roomba 614

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SpecificationsRoomba 614
Manufacturer iRobot
Height3.94″ (10.0 cm)
Width13.39″ (34.0 cm)
Depth15.55″ (39.5 cm)
Product dimensions 17x18x5 inches
Item weight 7 pounds
Specific uses for productsCarpets, hard floors, tiles and linoleum
Battery type 1 Lithium polymer battery
Run Time129 Min
Re-moveable BatteryYes
Battery IndicatorYes
Charge time 3 hours
Run time Upto 120 minutes
Auto charging and dock Yes
Filtration Aerovac filters
Navigation iAdapt technology
Cliff sensors Yes
Dirt detection technologyYes
Wifi and wireless communicationNo, only local control
Cleaning 3-staged
Extraction methodDual brush bars
Cleaning headAuto-height adjustment
Side brush Edge sweeping brush
Full bin indicator No
Containment None included
Filter 1 extra included
HEPA FilterNo
Filter Part Number4636450
Included components Owner’s guide, warranty card, docking station
Warranty 1 year

Let me share my experience with iRobot Roomba 614 because I can confidently say that it’s one of the best vacuums in its category. It picked 2nd place in the list of top 10 best robot vacuum cleaners for highest customer rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. It’s a robot vacuum cleaner with a lot of features and different cleaning modes.

iRobot Roomba 614

Engineered for Performance – Cleaning System:

It has a patented 3-staged cleaning system which is specially designed to make your home look spotless and tidy, effortlessly. Roomba 614 includes an edge-sweeping brush which uses a specific 27-degree angle to clean dirt and dust from the edges of walls, furniture, and every single corner perfectly. The other brush is a dual multi-surface brush made up of rubber which can pick hairs from floors and carpets without tangling.

Vacuums adjust brushes to keep them in close contact and detect types of the surface either floors or carpets as well as debris.

FeaturesRoomba 614
Brush RollYes
Turbo BrushNo
Upholstery ToolNo
Extension WandNo
Brush Roll On/OffNo
Crevuc ToolNo
Soft Brustle BrushNo
Removable Brush-rollYes
Hard Bristle BrushNo
Pet Grooming ToolNo
Ceiling Fan ToolNo

The three stages of the cleaning system include loosening, lifting and suction of dust, dirt and debris. Let me explain.


The first brush roller made of rubber and is a side rotating brush that loosen all the fully-embedded and packed-on dirt and debris from either the deep down side of your carpets fibers by agitate or from floors. Also they move along the walls and provide full cleaning coverage.

Lifts Up:

Next, the debris and dirt particles are lifted up from the carpets or hard floors,  with the help of a second rotating brush where the roomba is cleaning.


After dirt, dust, debris and even larger particles being lifted up from the surface the vacuum pushes it towards powerful suction to get collected into the dust-chamber in evenly distribution to avoid clogging or premature loss if the suction auto a fall bin.

Auto Adjust Cleaning Head:

Cleaning is so easy with roomba 614. You even don’t need to be worried about the height adjustment of your vacuum with the transition of floor type either carpets to hard floors or vice versa.

The cleaning head has an amazing feature of auto-height adjustment and adapts its height automatically accordingly to keep the Multi-Surface Brushes in close contact with different floors. In this way, Roomba 614 provides an effective cleaning.

FeaturesRoomba 614
Under Low TableGood
Under The CouchGood
Rug with TasselOK
On FurnitureNot Possible
Electric CordOK

Aerovac Technology and Filters:

The 614 traps dirt, dust, debris, pet hairs and fur, and other particles through the AeroVac technology and filters it through the AeroVac filter.The AeroVac Filter does a good job keeping dirt from circulating back into your room which may cause a disturbance in your breathing cycle especially those people who suffers from allergies.

The filter will need to be cleaned depending on how dirty your floors are and how much duty your vacuum does. The filters will catch most of the dirt and hairs to keep your home clean.

Dirt Detection Technology:

The dirt detection technology permits the vacuum to locate the region whether it is clean already or not. So, in this way, it doesn’t waste its time and power on cleaned regions. It could additionally stumble on especially highly-trafficked and concentrated areas with dust and dirt to work harder and do perfect cleaning of your home to make it look really spotless.

It also means that no dirt is left behind on the surface where the robot is cleaning. So no more you need to be worried about the leftover dirt.

Iadapt Technology – Intelligently Navigates Your Home:

The iAdapt technology of roomba 614 is so smart that it can take more than 60 decisions per second by using a suite of smart sensors to clean your home thoroughly.

The cliff sensors keep your vacuum away from the highest areas like stairs, basements so they never fall down and tear into pieces on your floor.

With dirt detection technology, they sense dirt and spend more time and energy on concentrated regions. Also roomba 614 moves in neat rows and in such a pattern that no area will be left uncleaned within the room.

It can also maneuver easily around the furniture, underneath the bed and prevent the walls bumping. The smart iAdapt technology also detects when the battery runs out of juice and it returns back to home (docking station) to charge fully to finish the cleaning.

Battery – Type and Runtime:

The battery type for roomba 614 is lithium ion based that can hold the battery for a longer time and gets charged quickly and far better than the Nickel ion battery, found in previous models.

The runtime is upto 120 minutes before automatically docking and recharging. The battery time is perfect for medium sized homes. And when the battery goes down, they automatically return to the docking station to get full, which takes almost three hours. But after charging, they are not able to continue work on their own.

Collection Bin and Maintenance:

The collection bin capacity is enough and will also need to be emptied between cleaning. If you have a particularly dirty floor, the bin may need to be emptied more often, but if floors clean on a daily basis then they just need to be empty once between cleans.

The AeroVac filter should also be cleaned for good filtration  when you empty the bin. If you do proper maintenance by cleaning and washing out the filter frequently to remove dust out of it, you won’t have to buy a new filter. Also an additional filter comes with a box so you can change the filter from time to time.

Design and Weight:

The design of roomba robotic vacuums is classy and almost have the same dimensions whether you are concerned about it or not. Due to its classy and lower profile design it is able to maneuver well around your house and furniture.

Roomba 614 dimensions are 17x18x5 inches. So it can easily go underneath the bed and furniture. The roomba 614 is relatively lightweight and weighs only 7 lbs.

In truth, you don’t need to be worried about weight because it does all its work on its own. You might have to give a bit of lift, during extreme transitions of floor type like from tiles to thick carpets.

What’s in the Box:

The roomba 614 comes with a robotic vacuum itself and includes things lifted below:

  • Home Base Charging and docking Station
  • 1 Extra Filter
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Owner’s Guide and Documentation Package

Every product has some pros and cons, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of roomba 614 here.


It is a great robotic vacuum cleaner in low budget and friendly price tag.

The battery time lasts longer.

The iAdapt navigation is intelligent.

It has an auto-adjust cleaning head.

It requires no assemblance.


The filtration is standard (aerovac) not HEPA.

There is no wifi, wireless communication and scheduling option.

There is no full bin indicator in it.

It has no virtual wall containment.

The dustbin needs to be emptied more.

Roomba 614 Robotic Vacuum – Reasons to Buy

You should know first, why you want to buy iRobot roomba 614 vacuum. I collect some best reasons to buy this robotic vacuum for use.

FeaturesRoomba 614
Automatic RechargingYes
Random PathingYes
Easy On/OffYes
Self PropelledYes
Surfce Type AdjustmentAutomatic

You Are a Busy Person:

If you are a busy person and don’t want to put your efforts and time into cleaning after a long day at work, just buy roomba 614. It does all the work for you while you can relax on your couch.

Want to Get Rid of Allergens:

The roomba 614 collects dirt, debris, pet hairs, and other dust particles through the AeroVac filters, so you don’t need to be worried about your allergies.

You Have Minimal Storage:

If you don’t have the closet space for an upright or canister vacuum, you can buy roomba which is of very ideal and perfect size to store and do most of the heavy lifting job for you.

Roomba 614 Robotic Vacuum – Reasons to Skip

There are two reasons to skip this roomba 614 robotic vacuum, which are given below.

FeaturesRoomba 614
Remote ControllerNo
Schedule ProgrammingNo
Boundary MarkerNo
Automatic Bag EmptyingNo
Smart PathingNo
Smart AppNo

You Need More Advancement:

It doesn’t come with advanced features that come in new models of roomba. You can not set up schedules, maps and even wireless communication and commands control with it.

You Need Hepa Filtration:

Roomba 614 comes with aerovac filters but if you need HEPA filtration it doesn’t work for you because contaminants upto 10 microns cannot get captured through standard filtration system.


Roomba 614 is a really good option for those who love to forget vacuuming by having a robotic vacuum cleaner in your home.  It is really easy and simple to use – and requires low maintenance. You will also get an extra filter with the purchase. In a nutshell, you will get all except wifi connection, wireless communications and home app. Otherwise it will be a great choice to choose.

Hope!! This article will be helpful and supportive to  you while buying and investing in a new robotic cleaner. You can buy it from Amazon and also enjoy seasonal offers and discounted prices. Go grab your Roomba 614 now and bring comfort in your home.

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