Roomba 670 vs 675: Find The Best Match to Your Needs

Roomba robot vacuums not only clean floors and carpets of your home but also make you forget vacuuming. These robotic vacuum cleaners totally fluctuate the cleaning routines by adding ease and comfort. The roomba 670 and 675 (Roomba 670 vs 675) both are highly successful models from the 600 line and champions of their work. Both these models are same up-to some extent, but still there are some differences that make one superior to other.

Roomba 670 vs 675

Now cleaning is not a big deal for people whose life is always busy and stressed due to workload and for those who want to have vacation with their loved-ones for enjoyment and golden memories. Just bring one of the roomba robotic vacuums at your home and they will do their work with auto scheduling and their home app gives you whole control over your robot vacuum view their clean map reports.


Roomba 670

Roomba 670
  • Manufacturer
  • Series/Model
    600 / 670


Roomba 675

iRobot Roomba 675
  • Manufacturer
  • Series/Model
    600 / 675

In this article, I’m going to compare the both 670 and 675 model of irobot roomba vacuums from the 600 series to know which will be better-option to invest. To examine how these models are different for each other let’s dive deep into their features.

FeaturesRoomba 670Roomba 675
Weight6.77 lbs7.8 lbs
Power LevelsUnknownHigh
ColorBlack & whiteBlack
Height3.54 inches3.7 inches
Max Climbing HeightUnknown16 mm
Battery Info1800mAh Lithium-ion1800mAh Lithium-ion
Bin SizeUnknownUnknown
Air WattUnknownUnknown
Floor TypesCarpet and Hard FloorsCarpet and Hard Floors
Anti Tangle RollerNoNo
Active Hair RemovalNoNo
Charging TimeAbout 3 hoursUp to 2.5 hours
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dirt SensorYesYes
Navigation TypeRandomRandom
Anti Cliff SensorsYesYes
Side / Edge BrushOneOne
Battery Life90 min90 min
Auto RechargeYesYes
Processor SizeUnknownUnknown
Interchangable IntakeNoNo
Auto Empty BinNoNo
Mop AttachmentNoNo
Water Tank SizeN/AN/A
Smartphone AppYesYes
Wifi EnabledYesYes
Alexa / Google AssistantYesYes
Remote ControlNoNo
Carpet BoostNoNo
Physical Barriers IncludedNoneNone
Artificial IntelligenceNoNo
No Go ZonesNoNo
No Mop ZonesN/AN/A
Room SelectNoNo
Number of FloorplansNANA
Obstacle AvoidanceNoNo

Roomba 670 vs 675 – Overview of the Devices

Roomba 670 vs 675, two vacuum devices that have been developed by the same company (iRobot). They are both equipped with sensors, digital map and are the most advanced vacuums currently available on the market. This article will be helpful in determining which one would you choose for your home needs.

Roomba 670 and roomba 675 are the newest models from the 600 series of the irobot vacuums.with these boys cleaning is no more stayed bound to your presence ,if you have it because they are  wifi connected robot vacuums which provides you the facility to control them while you are far away from your home for any reasons.

Roomba 670

iRobot Roomba 670

  • Consumer Engagement
    Chosen by 90 People
  • Customer Feedback
    8.9% / 10%
  • Brand Reputation
  • Benefits and Features

Roomba 670 is a great vacuum for homes that are not so messy but are constantly busy. That’s my home. My Roomba makes an interesting and pleasant sound when it comes to wake up, beep and then circle the room taking care of small messes I don’t have to clean up. The iRobot Roomba 670 has some other good features like easy to clean discharge tray, first-class WiFi connectivity, water filter option and scheduling feature which helps you save time.

Customer Reviews:

This can help you make immediate changes in your product or service offerings.

iRobot Roomba 675

iRobot Roomba 675

  • Consumer Engagement
    Chosen by 48,227 People
  • Customer Feedback
    9.4% / 10%
  • Brand Reputation
  • Benefits and Features

I have over 2 years of experience with the iRobot Roomba 675. I am not just a vacuum cleaner; I also use it for its full purpose as intended: cleaning carpets. The robot vacuum is ideal for homes or offices where a large number of rooms need to be cleaned such as apartments, hotels and residential buildings among others. In fact, it can clean an entire house in just over an hour! This means that if you decide to buy one, you’ll probably need someone else to help you out when moving it around.

iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum

Customer Reviews:

Roomba 670 vs 675 – Main Similarities

Roomba 670 vs 675 Similarities

Roomba is a pioneer brand which is manufacturing smart vacuum cleaners in a friendly-budget so everyone can afford smart cleaning. Let’s have a look at how these models are similar. Hope!! This effort seems beneficial to you and makes your decision-making easier. Always try to keep these considerations in your mind while buying any one of these robotic vacuums.

Controller Type [WiFi-Connection-App-Amazon Alexa]

The controller type for both models of irobot vacuums to the user is through wifi and an app. They are equipped with wifi connectivity when they arrive in a box, so that you can control them no matter how far you are from your home.

There’s an accompanying home app available for these irobot vacuums which you can install in your smartphones. Through this app it is very convenient to set a cleaning routine for your home on a daily or weekly basis. But make sure you empty the dustbin regularly so no excess dirt spilt on the floor.

Moreover, you can also give instructions and voice commands effortlessly to your roomba 670 and 675 vacuum through google assistant or amazon alexa while relaxing or spending time with your loved-ones.

Suction Power and Filters:

The suction power is strong up-to 600 pa for both models. They can send all the swept dust, dirt, debris and short hairs of your pets into the dustbin. Now your home will be spotless and clean without a hitch.

If you are worried about the re-circulation of dust and dirt particles back into your surrounding air in which you breathe. Now there’s no need to worry because both models have Aerovac filters that traphair, pet hairs, carpets fuzz, lint and even the smallest particles and keep them locked in dustbins while cleaning.

Aerovac filters are easy to see and access , so you can snap them on and off for maintenance with minimal effort.

Mapping and Navigation:

Both of these models are commencing devices which means they are equipped with features of smart navigation but not mapping for your home zone. At first vacuuming processing might seem random to you but believe me they will surely promise you exceptional performance with smart navigation.

They also have a suite of sensors which include cliff sensors that keep your vacuum safe from falling down stairs and bumping into furniture. But this sensor might block the cleaning of darker floors and carpets because it gets confused and thinks it will fall down.

Cleaning System 3 Staged:

It has a patented 3-staged cleaning system which is specially engineered to make your home or apartment look spotless and tidy, effortlessly.  Both models use a dual multi surface brush roller that sweeps your carpets and floors excellently.

They also use an edge-sweeping brush which uses a 27-degree angle to clean dirt from the edges of walls and furniture, every single nook perfectly.

The both vacuum cleaners adjust  brushes and head automatically to keep in close contact and detect type of floors and as well as debris. The three stages include loosening, lifting and suction of dust, dirt and debris. Let me explain.

Loosen: The first brush roller made of rubber will loosen all the caked-in and packed-on dirt and debris from either the deep down side of your carpets fibers by agitate or from floors.

Lifts up: Next, the debris and dirt particles are lifted up from either carpets or hard floors, where the roomba is cleaning.

Suction: After dirt, dust, debris and even larger particles being lifted up from the surface they will use a second brush made of soft and natural bristles  to push it towards powerful suction to get collected into the dust-chamber.

Battery Life and Auto-Charging:

The maximum battery runtime for both models is upto 90 minutes. They use 1 lithium ion battery which is of 1600-1800 mAh capacity. But some highly-trafficked and dust concentrated surfaces need more effort and suction to be cleaned due to which the battery may get low sooner than actual runtime.

When the rechargeable battery goes out of juice, it will automatically return to its dock station and get charged which takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to get full. After charging, they ain’t able to continue their work automatically.

What’s in the Box?

The box of both models comes with the vacuum itself which will be already equipped to connect with your wifi for convenient cleaning.  You will also get a charging dock station with a North American line cord and one extra filter so you don’t need to buy it for the first year.  There is also a documentation package that includes a warranty card for your roomba vacuum cleaners.

Roomba 670 vs 675 – Main Differences

Roomba 670 vs 675 Differences

As I mentioned you earlier, both models are similar upto some extent but still there are some differences that you can take under consideration while buying roomba vacuum cleaner from 600 series. Let’s have a look at those differences.

Brush Style – Maintenance Regimes

The both models roomba 670 vs roomba 675 have a dual multi-surface brush that keeps close in contact with the surface to clean debris efficiently. But both have different style brushes.

The Roomba 670 has rubber brushes that are ideal while cleaning pet hairs because they do not get tangled. So you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of the brush a lot. On the other hand, Roomba 675 has a dual multi-surface brush with natural and soft bristles that get tangled easily while cleaning and cluttering the device. In this way, cleaning efficiency decreases and maintenance regimes increase. But they are best to be used on low pile carpets.

Dirt Detection Technology:

The dirt detection technology means sensors allow the vacuum cleaner to detect the area whether it is clean or not. So it doesn’t waste its time and energy on cleaned areas.  It can also detect highly-trafficked  and concentrated areas with dirt and dust in order to work harder and put extra time and energy into effective cleaning.

The roomba 670 doesn’t come with this feature while roomba 675 on other hand work together with smart navigation and dirt detect technology which make it one step ahead from the previous model of 600 series.

Dual Mode Virtual-Wall Barrier – Containment

Dual mode virtual wall barrier is a smart navigation control system that uses a tiny device that emits an infra-red beam that your roomba vacuum cleaner can’t cross. With help of this feature you can restrict your roomba from entering certain areas. And block either a path that is 10 feet long and a round area which is 4 in circumference so you can protect your furniture and fragile, expensive accessories like vases.

Roomba 670 comes equipped with this beature and includes a dual mode virtual wall barrier as a containment. Roomba 675 doesn’t have this feature, but you can avail it by paying some extra dollars to buy this navigation device separately.


Although roomba vacuums have admirable qualities and a very friendly-budget price tag. But still at the end, the other important factor that also makes differentiation among roomba 670 vs 675 is the price range.

You can buy Roomba 670 from amazon in 339.95$ while Roomba 675 is of 244.99$. This price range is different because 670 comes with equipped virtual wall barrier containment while 675 doesn’t. Depending on your budget, they might not seem expensive to you with advanced tech and features.

Finally, to evaluate which model comes out as the ultimate winner let’s discuss some pros and cons of both these models to know which one will be more worthy to you.

ProsRommba 670

They perform decent cleaning on all types of floor.

Runs long-enough to cover small sized homes and apartments.

It can auto-recharge itself when the battery runs out of juice.

Pick up pet hairs and carpet fuzz without any fuss and brush tangling.

They have smart voice commands for amazon alexa or google.

ProsRommba 675

It comes in a very friendly-budget price tag so affordable for more consumers.

Newly updated home app available on iOS and android.

It is very easy to set up and use and provide daily or weekly scheduling.

It can go underneath beds, tables and furniture for cleaning due to flat design.

It comes with dirt detecting technology.

ConsRoomba 670

It cannot map floors and plan the path of your home for cleaning.

You have to empty the dustbin alot.

It can not continue cleaning itself after auto-recharge.

Due to poor navigation they can’t clean dark floors and carpets.

They are not quite as nimble.

ConsRoomba 675

The brush roller gets clogged easily due to soft bristles and there’s no auto-detangling.

They can’t mop floors and deep clean the carpets.

The performance (suction)  isn’t as strong as more advanced models.

There’s no HEPA filters in it, so provide basic filtration only.

Some don’t like the extended maintenance regimens..


Due to the increased rate of work and stress, cleaning is always a left-out activity in western countries. But now cleaning is not a matter of issue with Roomba models by Irobot for people either busy in work at their offices or enjoying their time with loved-ones on vacations. These vacuums are manufactured with advanced-technologies and features. Roomba 670 vs 675 both are newest models by Irobot from 600 series which make your cleaning routine so easy peasy with wifi connectivity.

In this article, I compare the both models completely by discussing their similarities and differences so see which one will come out as an ultimate winner. You can choose either Roomba 670 or 675 depending upon your choices, budget and containment of the virtual wall barrier. Go grab yours now!!.

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