Irobot Roomba E6 Review: Facts and Spaces 2022

Choosing a vacuum is not really easy from the market, especially in the era of such high-competition where there is a huge variety of vacuums. But no worries, I’m here to take the burden of your problem on my own shoulders. Here is the irobot roomba e6 review.

Roomba E6 Review

Roomba e6 by iRobot will be a good fit for every user and budget-friendly. This article is beneficial for you if you are looking for a new vacuum to invest in. This model of roomba includes so many advanced and improved features that will definitely blow your mind.

Roomba E6 Review – Features Detailed

Let’s take a deep look at the detailed and glancy features of the Roomba e6. So you can know everything about it and make your decision easily whether you want it or not!!.

Roomba E6

iRobot Roomba E6

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    Chosen by 829 People
  • Customer Feedback
    9.1% / 10%
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Specifications Roomba E6
Manufacturer iRobot
Item model noiRobot Roomba E6
Product dimensions 16.1 x 5.1 x 20.1 Inches
Form factor Robotic
Color Tan on black 
Weight 3.2 Kilograms
Diameter 13.3 inch wide
Height 9.1 Centimeters
Battery type1 Lithium-ion 
Battery capacity3300 mAh 
Runtime Up-to 90 minutes 
Charge time 3 hours
Auto-charge \ charge baseYes \ included 
Filters High-efficiency (1 installed)
Drop\bump sensors Yes
Dirt detection technologyYes
Navigation iAdapt 2.0 
Home mapping No
Controller typeWifi \ alexa \ google assistant \ home app
Specific use of productHard Floors, carpets 
Collection bin capacity0.7 L
Washable collection binYes
Side brushes 1 side brush 
Entire level cleanNo
Containment 2 dual mode virtual wall barrier 
Warranty description 1 year 

I have been using this Roomba E6 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum for about a month now, and I have to say that it is one of the best products I have ever used. Let me start off by saying: It is self-charging. I didn’t know how useful this feature was when I first bought it, but after weeks of having mine in the garage while waiting for it to charge up – my first thought was “what a great feature!

iRobot Roomba E6

Customer Reviews:

This can help you make good decision for buying roomba E6 vacuum. You should read the customer reviews of roomba E6 model.

Powerful Performance 5x Suction:

Suction1700 Pa
Dust Bin Capacity500 ml
Noise Level65 db
Area1600 Square Feet
Carpet CleaningYes
Air FilterationYes

Irobot is constantly working on their capabilities and improvements. The suction power for roomba e-series is very effective and sturdy in comparison to other models of 600 series.

This robotic vacuum cleaner uses a top class three-staged patented cleaning system which loosen, lift and then force the particles toward the dust chamber thru robust suction. It has suction power that gives 5x the air power that’s truly strong enough to pick out all sorts of dirt, dust, particles, pollen and puppy hairs from either carpets or flooring.

As a result, in this way they have stepped forward and effectively chose up performance so now there’s no chance that any debris and  beat left behind wherein your smart roomba vacuums finished vacuuming.

High-Efficiency Filters:

The roomba e-collection uses rather efficient filters that could put off in-home allergens easily from both flooring or carpets and save you from returning lower back to air through exhaust. It is able to additionally capture ninety nine% mildews, pollen, dirt particles and pet danders that are down to three micron in length.

Even as evaluating both e5 vs e6, both fashions come with filters already established. but with e6 you could get even more, as it has a second filter out within the container that you could replace with pre-hooked up in the first year. This could store your money and time.

Controller Type:

Remote ControlYes
Wifi Frequency Requires2.5 GHz

Roombae6 will definitely make you forget about vacuuming because it is no longer bound to your physical presence. Now you can manage cleaning of your home, being busy at offices and enjoying your vacations with loved ones without mattering how far you are from our home.

You can set up a newly updated home app, which allows you to upgrade your cleaning experience and helps for scheduling cleaning workouts on a weekly and daily basis, getting notifications to know  how much your vacuum has done cleaning and where it is.

Another alternative control option is voice instructions that you may use to give commands to your vacuum thru google assistant and amazon alexa. Just relax on your couch and your vacuum will do all of the cleaning on its own. And you don’t need to even lift a finger.

There also are touch sensitive buttons on the top of the unit through which you can onoff the vacuum, begin spot cleaning and scheduled cleaning. Also you can send your robot back to home or dock by these buttons.

Battery Runtime and Charging:

The type of  batteries used by Roomba e6 is lithium ion based, which has the ability to get charge quickly and holds energy for a long term in assessment to nickel-based batteries in old models.

The battery has a potential of 3300mAh, which can provide sufficient energy to all features like filters, motor, wheels, sensors and navigation. It takes almost 3 hours to get completely charged when the battery runs out of juice.

The runtime is up to 90 mins. That’s enough to clean small or medium sized houses. But in concentrated areas that are highly trafficked with dust and debris an awful lot of suction is required which may slow down the battery time quickly.

Smart Navigation – Suite of Sensors:

Anti Collision        Yes
Drep Sensor ProtectionYes
Protective BumperYes

Roomba e6, likewise, other superior and pricey roomba vacuums programmed with smart navigation which consist of a suite of sensors to make vacuuming extra efficient while cleaning. This smart roomba robotic vacuum works in neat rows to make sure that at the same time as moving within the room, no location is left behind uncleaned.

They also use dirt detection technology which can locate and ambitions to detect concentrated and highly-trafficked regions so more energy and time can be spent to make the floor clean, tidy and spotless.

With roombae6 there are no worries about the vacuum falling down the stairs because they use cliff sensors that help them to pull away from the edge of stairs and high areas.

Roomba e6 is auto rechargeable which means they can return to dock station when battery goes dead while cleaning and get charge for next cleaning cycle.

Dual Multi-Surface Brush/Edge Sweeping Brush:

Auto BrushYes

It  has a dual multi-surface brush which is made from rubber and it’s clearly beneficial while picking up pet hairs from carpets and flooring. As they’re made up of rubber, they don’t get tangled with hairs.

Additionally they include an edge sweeping brush that is 3-pronged that protrudes slightly from the underside of the vacuum and is used to brush the dirt and dirt from the edges, corners of walls and places that are  hard and hidden to reach normally. The brush rotates at a 27 degree angle to make dust and dirt lifting less difficult for vacuum. In this manner, they make your home definitely spotless and clean with not much effort.

Washable Collection Bin:

Roomba e6 has a washable and water-friendly collection bin . They are improved containers which had not been found usually in old roomba vacuums. These bins are detachable with easy and quick release. You can rinse them under running water without harming the inner electronics and machinery of the vacuum itself.

After washing, dry it and again fit it into the place where it fits. And it will be ready for the next cleaning cycle.

Virtual Wall Devices:

The virtual wall devices are small and box-like gadgets that give you greater manipulation over your robot vacuum where it cleans. It incorporates electronics that shoot an infrared beam up-to 10 feets so your roomba remains in the particular room you want to clean. It also enables you to keep your vacuum far away from fancy things such as vases, antiques, pet’s food bowls and many others that you need to guard.

The roomba e6 comes with the virtual wall devices that have dual mode. One mode to keep the robot inside a selected room and another halo mode to save your unique matters with an infrared beam circle of four feet.

What’s in the Box?

Roomba e6 comes with a vacuum itself in the box. The other things are:

  • A charging station.
  • An electrical cord for charging.
  • Owners documentation package that involves a guidance manual and a warranty card.
  • Two “virtual wall devices” and an extra “filter”.

When you want to buy Roomba E6, Do you have these points in your mind.

You Want Your Home Clean When You’re Away

A lot of people, especially those who have workloads of offices or jobs just want to come to a clean home and don’t want to spend energy and time on everyday cleaning. With the iRobot app of roomba e6, you can set up a schedule that works for you. Your Roomba can clean while you’re far away, and you even receive notifications, such as if your vacuum gets trapped somewhere and where it is cleaning.

You Have Pets – Pet Owner

People who have pets at their home, need a powerful vacuum that runs everyday and sucks all pet hairs from every floor type. Pets tend to shed more, particularly around the spring and fall. During these times Roomba E6 6198 precisely did his job with its rubber brushes that can’t get tangled.

You Love Smart Technology and Navigation

Roomba e6 comes with smart navigation that includes a suite of sensors that are really helpful and effective while cleaning your home all around furniture, drop-off areas, bumpings and obstacles. Also it has a dual mode virtual wall barrier to restrict any room or area.

Reasons to Skip iRobot Roomba E6

Why skip Roomba E6? The reasons are mention here.

You Have a Large House:

If your house is larger and you require a machine that can cover more than 1100 square feet in a single charge then the single charge of 90 minutes is not enough and the battery will run out of juice. Also it can’t resume working after charging on its own.

You Don’t Want to Buy Extra Accessories:

You get only 2 extra filters with your purchase. Unfortunately, the filters of Roomba e6 are not washable and you need to purchase them after every 4 to 6 months if you want a healthier filtration. So it’ll be a non-ending investment chain.


Roomba e6 is the ideal choice because it is very durable, has high-quality filters and WiFi-connectivity at a manageable price. It is available at particular retailers from where you can buy. But just don’t neglect to hold your budget, requirements and needs for your mind whilst shopping. Go buy a vacuum for you now and enjoy easy vacuuming and cleaning of your home. Cheers!!.

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