Roomba i7 vs 960: Deep & Detailed Comparison 2022

The Roomba i7 and Roomba 960 are two robots that were created by iRobot, Inc. Both robots have been designed to clean up your house automatically. The i7 was first released in 2005. It is a room cleaning robot that uses a rotating brush to sweep the dirt and debris off your floors. The 960 is a newer version of the i7, with many improvements over its predecessor including an improved design, better sensors, and more powerful motors for increased performance.

Both vacuums have excellent customer reviews; however, there are some differences in terms of quality between them. Customers who have purchased both vacuums say that they prefer one over another based on their own personal preferences, but they also agree that they would not be willing to switch brands or models if they had already invested in one brand or model first. The Roomba i7 and 960 are both excellent robotic vacuums, but they’re very different from each other.

Roomba i7 vs 960

Roomba i7 vs 960Quick Summary


Roomba i7

iRobot Roomba i7
  • Manufacturer
  • Series/Model
    i7 / i7


Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960
  • Manufacturer
  • Series/Model
    900 / 960

Roomba i7 vs 960 – Overview of the Devices

I have always been a fan of Robot Vacuums, I own both machines and use them on the daily basis. The purpose of this article is to compare the Roomba i7 vs 960. The goal is to give you an insight into the machines, their features, and how they perform against each other. I’ve walked through your truly setup process as well so that you can take away some tips or tricks that would come in handy while setting up your machine or cleaning it all together.


iRobot Roomba i7

iRobot Roomba i7 Vacuum

  • Consumer Engagement
    Chosen by 4,686 People
  • Customer Feedback
    9.5% / 10%
  • Brand Reputation
  • Benefits and Features
iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum

  • Consumer Engagement
    Chosen by 550 People
  • Customer Feedback
    9.5% / 10%
  • Brand Reputation
  • Benefits and Features

Roomba i7 and 960 – Physical

The new Roomba i7 and 960 are the newest in their line of machines. The i7 and 960 physical detail is here, you can easily compare these two models.

Roomba i7 and 960 – Physical
FeaturesRoomba i7Roomba 960
Height3.63 in.3.6 in.
Length13.34 in.13.8 in.
Width13.34 in.13.8 in.
Cleaning Path Width7 in.7 in.
Dust bin space0.5 L0.75 L
Assembly RequiredNoNo

Roomba i7 and 960 – Navigation/Sensors

Roomba i7 and 960, which are both autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer of iRobot have a navigation system and sensor. This article is about the navigation system in Roomba i7 and 960, including details of navigation modes, accuracy of navigation systems and more.

Roomba i7 and 960 – Navigation
FeaturesRoomba i7Roomba 960
Magnetic Boundary MarkersNoNo
AI Obstacle AvoidanceNoNo
VSLAM NavigationYesYes
Virtual Walls/No-Go ZonesYesNo
Dirt SensorYesYes
Onboard Camera(s)YesYes
LiDAR NavigationNoNo
Drop SensorYesYes
Beacon Boundary MarkersYesYes
Cleaning PatternIntelligentIntelligent

Roomba i7 vs Roomba 960 – Battery and Charging

I’m going to compare the Roomba i7 vs 960 so we can see how they work and how they compare battery wise. But before I show you our comparison, let me explain to you why these two robot vacuums are so great in one sentence. The Roomba i7 and the Roomba 960 have a difference when it comes to battery life.

Battery and Charging
FeaturesRoomba i7Roomba 960
Battery Voltage14.4 v14.8 v
Battery TypeLithium Ion (Li-ion)Lithium Ion (Li-ion)
Battery Recharge Time180 min.180 min.
Auto Shut-offYesYes
Auto ChargeYesYes
Battery Life90 min.75 min.

Cleaning Modes

Roomba i7 vs 960 – Cleaning Modes. Both are amazing and these models have almost similar features. I’m going to compare here about cleaning modes, what each can do.

Cleaning Modes
FeaturesRoomba 960Roomba i7
Normal Cleaning ModeYesYes
Manual Cleaning ModeYesYes
Edge Cleaning ModeNoNo
Spot Cleaning ModeYesYes
Repeat Cleaning ModeNoNo

Cleaning – Roomba 960 vs i7

I am going to show you the difference between cleaning my Roomba i7 and mine 960. I will start with the main difference: So you are wondering which model is better, the Roomba i7 or 960. I’m sure you will be surprised by what it found out.

FeaturesRoomba i7Roomba 960
Variable SuctionYesYes
HEPA FilterYesNo
Made for Pet HairYesNo
Washable FilterNoNo
Full Bin IndicatorYesYes
Cyclonic ActionYesNo
Carpet Height AdjustmentYesYes

Technology – Roomba 960 vs Roomba i7

It is always a good idea to know the technology difference between two different products in the market. For an individual, it is also helpful to know that which product can fulfill their basic requirements of cleaning, etc. I am giving you a comparison between Roomba i7 and 960 so that you can keep yourself updated on the latest technologies available in the market. This comparison is based on own use of experience.

FeaturesRoomba i7Roomba 960
Remote ControlNoNo
Voice ControlYesYes
Apple Home Kit CompatibleNoNo
Multiple Floor-Plan StorageYesNo
Bluetooth ConnectedNoNo
Wifi ConnectedYesYes
Android AppYesYes
iPhone AppYesYes
Progress MappingYesYes
Alexa CompatibleYesYes
Google Assistant CompatibleYesYes
Home Monitoring/VideoNoNo
IFTTT CompatibleYesYes
Manufacturer API/SDKNoNo
3D Map ViewNo– –


In this point, I am share the experience of which model is best for different surfaces and explain the differences between them. The only difference is that they have different systems in them to ensure that they operate as best as possible.

FeatureRoomba i7Roomba 960

Certifications and Warranty

The Roomba i7 vs 960 is one of the discussion in review article. Consumer is looking for this comparison because they want to know which one is guarantee and give them confidence when buying a product. A lot of feedback’s are mixed, so I want to digger deeper and share the details on how each of these products has warranty.

FeatureRoomba i7Roomba 960
Warranty1 year limited.1 year limited.
Battery Warranty1 year1 year
CertificationsETL, ULUL

Powerful Performance and Filters

Roomba i7 and 960 are new generation robotic vacuum from iRobot Company. It features powerful suction with extra tough filter which is responsible for powerful performance. These two innovations make Roomba i7 and 960 vacuum better than their predecessors, in terms of cleaning and navigation. Catalytic converter on these models helps to improve fuel efficiency in boost mode.

In cleaning performance, Roomba i7 is a step ahead because it delivers 10x power which is double of 960. But they both use the same kind of filters that are highly efficient.

FilterRoomba i7Roomba 960
Filter HEPAYesYes
Filter Part Numberi74636433
Washable FiltersNoNo
Filter Traps99%99%
Filter TypeClothCloth
Filter PriceClick to BuyClick to Buy

Tools and Brushes

If you want a top quality home vacuum, consider buying the Roomba i7 model. These two models offer an amazing combination of features at an affordable price. This could be the best home vacuum brand on the market today, especially if you’re looking for regular maintenance. I share the tools and brushes detail here.

Tools and Brushes
FeaturesRoomba i7Roomba 960
Brushroll On/OffNoNo
Removable BrushrollYesYes
Hard Bristle BrushNoNo
Upholstery ToolNoNo
Pet Grooming ToolNoNo
Turbo BrushNoNo
Crevice ToolNoNo
Soft Bristle BrushNoNo
Extension WandNoNo
Ceiling Fan ToolNoNo
Dual Multi-Surface Rubber BrushesYesYes

Roomba i7 vs Roomba 960 – Main Differences

The latest model roomba i7 has some major upgrades which make a sense of differentiation between i7 and roomba 960, but in only specific areas. Let’s have a look at their differences.

  • The navigation of roomba i7 is 3.0 iadapt which not only cleans in straight lines also remembers layout of your home but on other hand roomba 960 has 2.0 iadapt that it cleans in straight rows.
  • The roomba i7 has the suction power that delivers 10x the air power, while the suction power of roomba 960 is 5x  the air power.
  • The battery capacity of roomba i7 is 3300 mAh which runs up-to 90 minutes while roomba 960 has capacity of 2600 mAh which runs up-to 75 minutes.
  • The roomba i7 weighs up to 7.44 pounds which is lighter than roomba 960 which weighs up to 8.6 pounds.
  • The collection bin can be upgraded in roomba i7 which is smaller (0.5 L) but washable, on the other hand the bin of roomba 960 is larger (0.75) but neither be washed nor upgrade-able.
  • Roomba i7 comes in black color while roomba 960 comes in grey color option only.

Roomba i7 vs 960 – Main Similarities

Almost the other things that are left behind after the above mentioned differences, everything is common in both of these models of Roomba by iRobot. I am going to list them below for you.

  • They both have the same controller type which includes a home app, google assistant or amazon alexa and sensitive touch buttons on the top of vacuum.
  • Roomba i7 and 960 can automatically recharge their batteries when they run out of juice and resume work from where they left without wasting time and energy on cleaned areas.
  • Both machines use highly efficient filters that can trap 99% pollen, dander allergens, dirt and dust.
  • Both use a dual mode virtual wall barrier for their containment purposes.

Reasons to Choose the Roomba i7

  • The i7 is the most intelligent vacuum on the market,
  • It has lots of features and it’s a reasonable investment,
  • It can be controlled with a smartphone app.
  • It can be programmed to work while you’re away.
  • The Roomba i7 has intelligent mapping capability.
  • It can be scheduled to run at set intervals (great for people living in apartments).
  • It has a HEPA filter that traps allergens like dust and pet dander.
  • Automatic vacuum saves you energy and time.
  • Customize to fit specific needs -Use with Roomba app to set schedule.
  • Battery powered vacuum comes fully charged and ready to use.
  • Battery lasts up to 90 minutes -Don’t worry about emptying the bag.
  • Get notified on your phone when it’s time to clean.

Reasons to Choose the Roomba 960

  • The Roomba 960 is the best robotic vacuumer
  • Great for pet hair, high pile carpet, and cars
  • Self adjust from carpets to hard floors -It has a remote control and scheduling system.
  • It’s compatible with Alexa -5-times the suction power.
  • Has “Tangle-free” brushes.
  • Roomba automatically navigates from room to room.

Conclusion – Our Recommendation

Both champions work amazingly but roomba i7 comes with various abilities and features that totally pull backward roomba 960 in comparison. But without a judgmental call, roomba 960 is not at all a bad machine and doesn’t force you to pay extra cost for advanced features found in i7. You can’t go wrong with both models but it all depends on your choice, budgets and needs.

But if you are still confused and can’t make a decision for you, I’ll surely recommend “Roomba i7″ because i want you to bring an advanced robot that makes your cleaning even more easier and efficient with a lot of advanced features and navigation.

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