Simplicity Vacuum Reviews: Cordless, Upright & Jill Compact

The simplicity vacuums is a division of Tacony corporation, one of the only brands of upright vacuums made in the USA. They are well-known because of their high performance and superb-affordable prices. They are the best option for you because you don’t want to pay for extra features.

Simplicity Vacuum Reviews

They provide HEPA sealed filtration for easier and healthier breath specially for asthma and allergy sufferers. The included attachment tools with vacuum helped you a lot for making home spotless and tidy. You can easily buy them from online stores. But always have a look at the specifications, key features and reviews of the model you are going to buy. It will help you to know whether it will be the right choice for you or not according to your cleaning requirements.

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Here you can find whole information about some best and top-ranked models of simplicity in which you can invest trustly.

1. Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

One-Click Stick

Simplicity One-Click Stick Vacuum

About This Product

This portable vacuum has the attachments to clean it all; Equipped with an LED carpet and hard floor nozzle; a combo tool with a crevice tool and 2-in-1 dusting brush upholstery tool; Charging storage station plus a wall mount.

This simplicity (s65) cordless multi-use vacuum cleaner is very easy to carry all around your home because it weighs less than 6 pounds. Since it is cordless and bagless, this stick vacuum is comfortable and handy to use.

This is the best choice for those who have small apartments specially with bare floors. It’s features allows you to easily swap it between both a stick vacuum and handheld vacuum while using.

Product NameLightweight cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Product BrandSimplicity
Item modelS65S
Form factorPlastic
Weight5.5 lbs.
FiltrationHEPA media
Dimensions9 x 10 x 45 inch
Cord lengthCordless
Motor250 Watts
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required
Volt21.6 volt battery
Surface typeDual action (hard floors, carpets, rugs)
BagsNone (bagless)
RuntimeUpto 25 minutes
Charging time4-5 hours
Floor squeegeeYes included
LED headlightYes
Attachment toolsNozzle, crevice tool, 2-in-1 dusting brush
Warranty1 year

Beside it’s super-affordable size and lightweight stick vacuum body, the manufacturer doesn’t compromise on its advanced features including digital motor, hepa filters and advanced attached tools. Let’s dive deep into the detailed features and reviews of simplicity s65 vacuum.

  • One Click Trigger – Easy to Use

The most adorable feature of this cordless vacuum cleaner is one click trigger and go which means you don’t need to adjust their settings for switching the surface type. The motor that works with 250 watts has two speeds. In the beginning, the speed is slow which is recommended for bare floors and rugs.

The high speed is suitable for carpets because it gives high suction and cleans faster. It is recommended for cleaning of more messy areas with large particles. You can also adjust speeds with a single click of a button.  This simple setting with one click trigger made this vacuum cleaner easy to use for every person at your home.

  • Hepa Filtration – Easy to Change Filters

The filtration system of this vacuum cleaner is HEPA filtration. The hepa filters provide easy breath at the area where you did vacuuming.

As the simplicity s65 vacuum comes with the hepa media filters, they filter 99.9% of dust, dirt, dander, even smaller particles and microorganisms with 0.3 microns or larger. It’s filtration is best for asthma and allergies sufferers. HEPA media filters are very easy and convenient to change. They need to be changed annually but for even better filtration with asthma patients change them after every 6 months.

  • Versatile – Multi Surface Cleaning

This vacuum cleaner has great versatility. You can easily move it around your home as both stick vacuum as well as handheld vacuum due to its extremely lightweight body.

You can easily clean your sofas and upholstery, carpets, bare-floors, rugs and hard floors. It has all-in-one options and has multi-surface cleaning feature which makes it no. 1 choice and top of the charts for apartment renters or even longtime home owners.

  • Lithium Battery – Cordless

As this vacuum cleaner is cordless, it uses a battery instead. Simplicity s65 vacuum battery is a lithium-ion battery which has 21.6 volts. It takes almost 4-5 hours to get fully charged. The runtime of the battery is upto 25 minutes.

So now there are no worries of storing several feet long cords and plugging them on switch boards while vacuuming.

  • Attachment Tools

The attachment tools are also included in this stick vacuum cleaner to make your cleaning perfect and home spotless. They also have a storage docking station which provides an easy storage solution for your tools in one spot. The included attachment tools are given below.

Crevice tool is used to maximize the cleaning capabilities of this stick vacuum cleaner for edges-cleaning, baseboards, corners, windowsills and tighter spaces where it is always hard to reach.

Dusting brush is super easy to use on your car for dusting. You can use it for other dusting areas at your home like shelves, furniture and desks.

Upholstery tool is also included which is good for cleaning upholstery that gets messy with stucked snacks on your chairs, cushions and couches.


It is very lightweight and super-affordable.

Rotates 180 degrees with easy maneuver.

Has a LED headlight that lights up the way for vacuuming.

It is cordless and bagless with easy dust cup emptiness.


Suction is not strong in regular mode.

Battery doesn’t last long when used on high power.

It’s hard to buy accessories for it later on.

2. Allergy Upright Vacuum for Carpet

Best Upright

Allergy Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood

About This Product

Corded Vacuum Cleaner with Vacuum Bag, Telescopic Wand, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool and Dusting Brush; Everything you need to fight dirt, dust, pet dander, and kid messes on and above the floor; All stored on-board for your convenience.

Choosing the allergy upright vacuum cleaner, has highly sealed HEPA filtration and Hepa media bag which was specially designed to combat substances like dust or pet dander will make that happen. It sniffs out all the allergens and particles, helping you to provide the purest and healthier air to breath.

Its powerful motor provides multi-surface cleaning and reliable powerful suction for weather cleaning dirtiest floors, above ceilings and many more.

Product NameAllergy upright Vacuum Cleaner
Product BrandSimplicity
Item modelS20EZM
ColorTeal grey \ white
Form factorUpright
Weight15.7 lbs.
FiltrationHEPA media
Dimensions12 x 13 x 44.5 inches
Cord length30 feet
Motor12 amps
Hose length13 foot, flexible
Surface typeDual action (hard floors, carpets, rugs)
Bagged \ baglessBagged
Full bag indicatorYes
LED headlightYes
Height adjustment5-position height adjustments for carpet
Attachment toolsFlexible hose, crevice tool, dusting brush
Warranty1 year

This heavy duty upright vacuum cleaner provides a safe and healthier breath in the ear which you deserve in your surroundings because it has certified hepa filtration.

Now, here we are going to have a look at those absolute and versatile features of this model by simplicity which every vacuum cleaner’s owner wished to have at a lower budget.

  • Multi-Surface Height Adjustments

It has a key feature of multi-surface 5-height adjustments which goes with every surface you want to vacuum. Just with a simple turn of dial, you can adjust the height of your upright vacuum cleaner weather rugs, any type of carpets and  bare floors (hardwood).

It’s best to have low surface adjustment for plush carpets and high surface adjustment for pile carpets. The moderate height adjustment is always ready to go with hard floors and you can adjust the best setting and height adjustment with respect to the surface you are vacuuming.

  • Certified Hepa Filter and Hepa Bags – Breath Easier

This allergy upright vacuum ensures you easier breath with certified hepa filtration and hepa media bags with 100% sealing.

They can filter 99.97% of dust, dirt, dander, pollen, even smaller particles and microorganisms(mold, bacteria) with 0.3 microns or larger and seal them in hea media bags where it is impossible for those particles to get back into air.  It’s filtration is best for asthma and allergies sufferers. HEPA media filters are very easy and convenient to change. They need to be changed annually but for even better filtration with asthma patients change them after every 6 months.

  • Three on-Board Storage – Attachment Tools

This allergy upright vacuum cleaner has also a definite feature of three on-board tools. The attachments are dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. They are very easy to store in board tool storage. So you don’t need to run back and forth in order to get any required attachments because they will be stored at one spot. Here’s the working specification of these components or attachments.

Crevice tool used for reaching those points and places that are thinner and harder to get clean like corners, edges.

Dusting brush you can attach this tool with your vacuum hose for dusting and vacuuming different equipment including whisk windowsills, bookcases, framed art, wood furnituring and many more.

Upholstery tool can be used for cleaning of fabric surfaces and mattresses. It is recommended to move them horizontally or vertically from top to bottom.

  • LED Headlight and Rubbered Wheels

The ultra-bright LED headlight, lights up the dirt and dust that built up along the corners and way of your cleaning. In this way, you can suck up all the dirt, debris and unfriendly particles effectively from the route of cleaning without leaving any behind. So, it helps to look your home spotless, clean and tidy.

The weight of this upright vacuum is 15.7 pounds. It’s rubber-coated wheels provide smooth and safe running of the vacuum body onto hardwood floors and more.

  • Furniture Guard

The feature of furniture guard adds the additional guard protection for those bumps and jolts into the walls and furniture that may cause any damage as you take charge of larger messes while vacuuming. So it provides safe and easy cleaning anyway.


It has reliable strong suction power for heavy duty job.

It has a long cord and a full bag indicator.

Provide maximum edge cleaning for households and offices.

Lightweight aluminium telescopic wand and hose provide maneuverability.


It has no auto-rewind cord system.

It is louder and noisy while vacuuming.

You need to invest in bags to buy as it is a bagged vacuum.

3. Simplicity Jill Compact Canister Vacuum

Compact Canister

Simplicity Jill Compact Canister Vacuum

About This Product

Bagged vacuum cleaner with bag, filter set, rug & floor tool great for hair, pets, hard floor and area rugs, a dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool for edge cleaning and sturdy 360 swivel hose.

This classy jill canister vacuum by simplicity has plenty of powerful and great features which make it an excellent option for homes. It has effective multi-surface cleaning with attachment tools and can easily sniff out pet hairs also.

You can enjoy stress-free cleaning with this jill compact canister vacuum by simplicity. Let’s have a look at the specifications of this model.

Product NameJill Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Product BrandSimplicity
Item modelJill
Form factorCanister
Weight12.29 lbs.
Wattage1200 watts
Filtration6-stage HEPA media
Dimensions8 x 10.5 x 15.5 inches
Auto-cord rewindYes
Cord length18.5 feet
Cleaning reachUpto 10 feet
Hose length13 foot, flexible
Surface typeDual action (hard floors, carpets, rugs, walls)
Bagged \ baglessBagged
Bag typeHepa media bag
Included toolsFloor tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, more
Warranty2 years

This canister vacuum also has the power of an upright vacuum without any heavy weight and tiring effect on your arm. You can invest in it so trustly and blindly.

Let’s dive deep into the detailed features, reviews, pros and cons of this jill compact canister vacuum so you can know every single thing about this jill compact canister vacuum cleaner.

  • Powerful and Adjustable Suction

It has a very powerful and strong suction which can lift up and sniff out almost everything from your carpets, floors and upholstery. The motor works with a capacity of 1200 watts.

This versatile feature takes this vacuum to the next level because it allows the suction control over any surface. You can finely tune and adjust the suction level low for light cleaning duty and high suction level for more messy areas and larger debris particles.

  • Convenient, No Hassle Cord Rewinder

This jill canister vacuum by simplicity is very convenient to use. It has rubber-coated wheels which can drag the canister over any surface no matter floors, carpets or even stairs very effortlessly and smoothly without any obstruction for vacuuming.

The other sought feature is its innovative cord rewinding system which takes this canister vacuum to the top of charts. Storing the long cord is quite simple and easier with the push of a button.

  • Dual Certified Hepa Filtration

The filtration system of this vacuum is 3-staged which provides healthier and purest breath in the air. By this filtration, even smaller particles of 0.3 microns also get filtered from air.

The filtration system include certified hepa bag, secondary filter and lastly certified hepa filter, these all in collectively provide 99.97% trap of all the dust, dirt, dander, bacteria, mold, odor causing germs and even pet hairs strongly and doesn’t allow them to get back into air.

  • Full Bag Indicator

As this model of simplicity is bagged, it has a feature of full bag indicator which will help you work freely without any guessing work. The light will turn on when the bag will be full of dust and you can change the old bag with new one with easy and tidy disposal. In the nutshell, now there are no worries about the bags overflowing with dust.

  • Easy Maintenance

It’s not like other traditional canister vacuum cleaners that require extensive and expensive maintenance. Instead it is very easy and simple to o[erate there are just a few things to keep in mind for extending the lifespan of your vacuum.

  • Simply replace the bag when indicator light is turned on, you also need to replace the secondary filter and hepa media filter.
  • If the power cord gets stuck while rewind and un-rewind, don’t apply much force. Instead, be gentle by pushing the cord back in then pulling out.
  • Never use improper bags and filters that aren’t designed for the model.


It is very easy and simple to operate.

It has a long cord and auto cord rewinder.

It has dual certified HEPA filtration for pure air.

It includes 5 cleaning tools for effective cleaning.


It sounds like it’s always squealing while vacuuming.

It doesn’t work well on area rugs.

The hepa media bags are difficult to buy.

4. Simplicity Handheld Canister Vacuum

S100 Vacuum

Simplicity Handheld Canister Vacuum, Car Detailing Vacuum Cleaner, S100

About This Product

At just 4.5 pounds with a 25-foot cord, you’ll be amazed with your cleaning capabilities! This compact bagged canister makes a great travel vacuum. It comes equipped with built-in tool storage, carrying handle and a convenient carry strap that allows you to throw it over your shoulder and dominate.

The very interesting and coolest thing about this handheld canister vacuum by simplicity is a carrying step, which means you can carry it on your shoulders leaving your both hands free. It is very affordable and on budget for vacuum cleaner buyers but at the same time it provides advanced features and satisfying capabilities of cleaning with lightweight body, charcoal filters and a blower part.

Here, some important specifications related to this handheld canister vacuum for quick review given below.

Product NameSimplicity Handheld Canister Vacuum
Product BrandSimplicity
ManufacturerTacony corporation
Item modelSport
Form factorCanister
Weight9.25 lbs.
Dimensions4.5 x 12 x 8 inches
Wattage700 watts
FiltersCharcoal filters
Blower portYes
Auto-cord rewindNo
Cord length25 feet
Cleaning reachUpto 8 feet
Surface typeHard floors, rugs
Bagged \ baglessBagged
Bag typePaper
360 swivel headNo
Included toolsUpholstery tool,dusting brush,extendable wand
Warranty1 year

Are you looking for a lightweight handheld canister vacuum? Meet this model of simplicity which is not just lightweight but also has stunning features and is found among the best choice of vacuum cleaner buyers.

Here is the complete detail about the key features of this simple canister vacuum. Hope you will find this information beneficial before investing in a new vacuum.

  • Lightweight, Portable

The lightweight of this canister vacuum makes it portable and easily transferable. The canister weighs only 4.5 pounds, but you will be amazed with its absolute cleaning capabilities. You can carry it through your stairs and everywhere you want to get it for vacuuming.

It’s bagged and compact canister is very convenient to carry by wearing a carrying strap on your shoulders by letting your hands free and dominate. This feature made this vacuum portable and a great travel vacuum.

  • Charcoal Filter

This handheld canister vacuum,S100 by simplicity, is equipped with a charcoal filter which captures odors and volatile organic compounds. It also removes all unwanted smoke, fumes and pet odor causing germs, and any contaminants which make air unhealthy and dusty to breathe.

So you can completely filter and capture all yucky contaminants from the air, as you suck and sniff out all the dust from your house, vehicle, camper, apartment and even RV (recreational vehicle) by using this canister vacuum.

  • Blower Port

As an added bonus, this model of canister vacuum has a feature of a blower port. You just have to attach the hose with an exhaust of S100 and the canister will start blowing  air out  outside instead of sucking in it.

With help of blower port things like blowing up an air mattress and inflatable pool toys become easier than ever. It is also a perfect thing for blowing leaves off your indoor porch or deck.

  • Adjustable Height

This canister vacuum is perfect for bare floors like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles and even bamboo. The floor nozzle is powerful and adjustable means you just have to flip the switch on the nozzle.

The nozzle then will be equipped with bristles and help to kick out all the dirt and tackle dust, pet hairs embedded deep into your carpets. In this way, you can adjust height with respect to your surface weather floors, carpets and rugs for cleaning to make your home spotless.

  • Included Attachments

The included components that come with the canister vacuum,S100 are super easy and effective to use for cleaning. As it comes with an onboard storage tool, you can get all attachments in one spot without moving back and forth. The other included attachments are given below.

Mini tool set  include a seven-piece mini tool set which is great for your car detailing and cleaning of stairs, dryer, vent desk and even your computer keyboard.

Crevice tool used for reaching those points and places that are thinner and harder to get clean like corners, edges.

Dusting brush comes with super soft and natural bristles.You can attach this tool with your vacuum hose for dusting and vacuuming different equipment including whisk windowsills, bookcases, framed art, wood furnituring and many more.

Upholstery brush can be used for cleaning of fabric surfaces and mattresses. It is recommended to move them horizontally or vertically from top to bottom.


The size is wonderful and tools are great to reach tighter places.

It has a long cord for convenient and quick cleaning.

It has a charcoal filter for pure air.

It includes a mini tool set for car detailing and keyboard cleaning.


The sound pitch of the vacuum is high.

There is no catch\lock system for hose and wand extension.

The floor tool folds back and becomes necessary to flip it after every pass on carpet.

5. Simplicity f1 Tiny Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

F1 Tiny

Simplicity f1 Tiny Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

About This Product

Take your mini travel vacuum with you! Suck up those dirty messes and pet hair whether it’s your house, apartment, car, or on vacation in your RV or mobile home.

If you are looking for a small handy vacuum then simplicity F1 tiny handheld vacuum cleaner will be the right choice for you. It’s not just lightweight but also superb-affordable under 50$. Beside it’s small size, it has a wonderful ultra powerful suction for cleaning your home.

It also has a washable dust cup and so many other features that provide you ease and comfort to deal with daily routine messes effectively. Let’s have a quick look at the specifications of this tiny handheld vacuum cleaner.

Product NameSimplicity F1 Tiny Handheld Vacuum cleaner
Product BrandSimplicity
ManufacturerTacony corporation
Item modelFlash
Form factorPlastic
Weight2.7 lbs.
Dimensions9 x 6.25 x 4.75 inches
Dust cupWashable
Wattage700 watts
Auto-cord rewindNo
Cord length14 feet
Cleaning reachUpto 8 feet
Surface typeUpholstery
Upholstery brushNylon bristles
Bagged \ baglessBagless
360 swivel headNo
Included toolsUpholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool
Warranty1 year

After knowing quick specs of this small gem, let me tell you their detailed features and reviews so you can invest in this handheld vacuum cleaner to clean small messes within seconds.

  • Small Vacuum, Portable

This model is the best among handheld vacuum cleaners because of its small size and lightweight vacuum body which weighs only 2.7 lbs.

You can easily carry this small travelling vacuum with you to quickly clean all the messes and pet hairs from your house, apartment, cushions, and car. You can also take it with you on vacation in your mobile home or RV.

  • Ultra Powerful Suction

The suction power of this small vacuum is ultra strong and powerful. It will surely amaze you after cleaning the messes quickly within seconds without leaving any dirt, particles or even pet hairs behind. It tackles all daily routine messes so easily and undoubtedly even you can use it for your sewing machine daily basis cleaning.

  • Washable Dust Cup – Easy Maintenance

As the vacuum is bagless, the maintenance of it’s dust cup is pretty easy. The dust cup has enough capacity to provide smooth cleaning. After it becomes filled, gently remove it from the vacuum and wash.

For washing the dust cup, you have to run it under water and it becomes neat after drying and fit it in place. Now your dust cup will be again ready to go for next messes cleaning.

  • Cord Length and Flexible Hose

The 14 inch cord length is enough for a tidy handheld vacuum cleaner. You can easily clean the messes and equipment all around your home, apartment, car or RV.

The hose is flexible which provides easy maneuverability around the things. You can easily reach those places that are harder and tighter to reach. Now, you can easily pick messes from every single corner of your home.

  • Vacuum Attachments

This small vacuum also comes with a lot of vacuum attachments that provide enhancement and effectiveness to the cleaning. You can easily attach these tools with your vacuum’s flexible hose and perform cleaning.

The included attachments are dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool with soft and natural nylon bristles.

Crevice tool used for reaching those points and places that are thinner and harder to get clean like corners, edges.

Dusting brush you can attach this tool with your vacuum hose for dusting and vacuuming different equipment including whisk windowsills, bookcases, framed art, wood furnituring and many more.

Upholstery tool with soft and natural nylon bristles can be used for cleaning of fabric surfaces and also mattresses. You can pick pet hairs easily with it from your cushions, couches and car seats.


The size is wonderful and very portable.

It has a washable dust cup.

The suction power is ultra strong to clean messes.

Included attachments are easy to attach and release from hose.


The cord is a little heavier and has no cord rewind system.

It produces a little weird noise while cleaning.

The motor gets hot quickly and the vacuum shuts off in a short time.

Wrap Up!!!

In this article, we gave detailed information about some models of vacuum cleaners by simplicity which is a well-known brand. All the models are found at the top of the charts in different categories. We also gave you an honest review with  pros and cons of the vacuum cleaners. Hope you find this effort favorable for you.

Except everything they are super affordable, lightweight and have easy maintenance. So if you are planning to buy a new vacuum cleaner for your cleaning routine for sure you can invest in these models and make your daily-base cleaning routine easier and effortless for you. Cheers!!!

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