Steam Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner: Which One You Need

Carpets are beautiful and have an additional function in enhancing your home, but their cleaning may seem tricky to you, but there’s no need to be worried because necessity is the mother of invention. In the modern age, vacuum and steam cleaners are invented to make cleaning routines easier. We explain the steam cleaner vs vacuum cleaner detailed review here.

Steam Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner

Steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners are both used for cleaning carpets, floors, upholstery, cracks, and many other surfaces with highly effective outcomes. They make your home feel fresh and can be used interchangeably concerning your cleaning event. With time, even the brightest carpets, floors, and tiles become dull. So you always need to buy one of them to make your home look refreshing and representable to everyone’s eye.

Steam Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner: Differences Detail

There are some major points that seem obvious and most important while differentiating between steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners. Let’s have an overview of these points to make a huge comparison between them. Hope this will clarify your choice between these two cleaners.

1. Usage

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are used commonly for everyday household cleaning routine. They make your home look fresh and representable with less effort. They are very light weight and have easy maneuvering around the areas, corners or equipment all around your home.

For the corded ones you have to plug them in a power resource. On the other hand for vacuum cleaners that use batteries need to be charge fully for long run time. They have very easy programs and are set up to use them.

Steam Cleaners

On the other side, steam cleaners are not too common in houses because they have difficult installation. People always prefer to bring them home for deep cleaning of their carpets on rent. They perform very good jobs on stubborn stains that will never go away simply.

They are used occasionally or in areas where traffic is high. The steam of these cleaners are extremely hot so closely read all the instructions given on manual so you won’t end up hurting yourself.

2. Efficiency

Vacuum Cleaners

For your regular vacuuming to keep your home look clean and representable vacuum cleaners are encouraged to be used. Because they can easily soften and lift up all the dirt, debris, and dust away from your carpets and floors.

You can use vacuum cleaners at least thrice a week for proper cleaning results. They have strong suction power and motors.

Steam Cleaners

You will find yourself more discovering when dealing with toughest and stubborn strains. Then here come steam cleaners that remove them easily with their extremely hot steam.

They go deep into the carpet fibers to remove the debris and dirt from the roots. For more efficiency these cleaners inject super hot steam onto the carpets.

3. Price

Vacuum Cleaners

For the premium quality products and popular brands, these cleaners may prove expensive to you. But still you can find so many other options available either in markets or online stores to buy your desired ones.

Steam Cleaners

Same is the case with steam cleaners, you can buy them with your right hands. But on their hands they are also found within your budget range with different brand tags. But always try to buy them after reading their features and reviews. Buy both vacuum and steam cleaners if you can.

What’s the Right Choice? Vacuum or Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are a bit similar to vacuum cleaners, have the same benefits but are far more superior due to their deep cleaning function. Steam cleaners have more attachments which increase their working capabilities. Vacuum cleaners can be used for regular cleaning routines but steam cleaners are being used occasionally. So they both have their own special characteristics which will make you urge to buy them and always try to choose them according to your desired requirements. Choosing them is all the matter of your preferences for your cleaning routine.

1. Steam Cleaners

Mainly steam cleaners are used to deep clean your carpets, but they can also be used to clean your clothes, floors, curtains, tiles and tile grout and so many other hosts in your home. They also sanitize your things while cleaning and kill 99.9% of the germs.

Steam Cleaners

Benefits of Using Steam Cleaners:

Now we are going to discuss the obvious and top most benefits of steam cleaners. Let me explain them in detail to you.

  • Hygienic Cleaning Control

Steam cleaners produce heat which is used to kill all the germs, bacteria, insects, and pesticides that may cause any allergies and infections lurking around your home. The heat is strong enough to kill harmful pests like dust mites, fleas, and ticks. Their remains are then lifted away through them. So they provide you with total pure and hygienic cleaning.

  • Chemical Free Cleaning

Steam cleaners do not require any kind of cleaning essentials and chemicals. They just use the power of water to produce steam which works efficiently to kill everything that may be harmful like pests, germs and other microorganisms. Due to more pollution worldwide, the grime and dirt become more sticky but their steam easily lifts them up.

  • Time Saving

Steam cleaners work quickly because if you use a Swiffer or any traditional mop you have to wait for the drying of the area you clean or maybe you need to re-clean them after you have applied chemicals on the toughest stains. By using strong steam power, steam cleaners quickly soften and remove the toughest stains which are hard to clean.

  • Air Purification

Steam cleaners use specialized filters which help to remove all the allergy causing microorganisms from the air which cause any disturbance in your breathing cycle while cleaning your carpets or floors. So, they can help to supplement the air purification process but note that your home still needs air purifiers for effective cleaning of your home air.


No bucket required

Save time and energy

Quick to dry for hard surfaces

Chemical free cleaning

Highly effective deep cleaning

Useable on multiple surfaces

Low maintenance required

Work good on tough stains


Steam is incredibly hot may harmful to skin

They come at higher prices

Long drying time require for carpets

Professional service may require occasionally

It is bulky and heavy

They are bit noisy

Not easier to store

Take bit more time to set up

How Do They Work?

To put them in use, you just need to fill them with water and let them charge for the time mentioned in the manual. Next, run your steam cleaner on the areas you want to clean. Repeat this process over and over to remove the stubborn areas.

The steam loosens and softens the dirt and stickier grime. The rotating brushes with them pick up all the fibers and hairs that are stuck in your rugs. In modern models, you just need to add water once in large water tanks to run them for continued cleaning. In this way, they are easier to use.

2. Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are well-organized cleaning appliances for your weekly cleaning routine. They clean floors, upholstery, diapries, carpets and many other upper surfaces like stairs very well. They are of different models which have specialized features for your comfort and convenience.

Vacuum Cleaners

Benefits of Using Vacuum Cleaners:

Here we discuss the benefits of using vacuum cleaners.

  • Low Cost Tool

Vacuum cleaners are low-cost tools and lie easily in your budget capacity. You can buy them easily from different brands with a lot of advanced features and components. Their price depends upon the size or brand of the vacuum cleaner you choose to have for your daily basis cleaning routine.

  • Removes Pet Hair

They are very beneficial for you if you have pets at your home. Pet hairs get stuck into your rug fibers and may cause an odor that disturbs you. So vacuum cleaners solve this problem and remove pet hairs easily from the roots of the carpet.

  • Clean Your Home Even When You Are Away

Vacuum cleaners now come with so many advanced features. You can automatically set their schedule for everyday cleaning routine of your home whether you are at home or not. They have strong sensors to avoid obstacles and stairs to fall off. Also when their battery dies, they go back to their power resource on their own.


They have easier maneuver

They are lightweight

Strong suction ability to lift up debris

Easily clean above surfaces like stairs

Have HEPA filters to purify air

Easier to store

They have good run time


Cannot remove tough stains from carpets

The length of cord may be shorter

They have noisy and week motors

They don’t offer any reusable dustbin bags

Run your electricity bill high

Components may break soon or need quick repair

Bag-less vacuums are messier

How Do They Work?

For the use of vacuum cleaners, you do not need to add any lubricant like water in it. All you need to do is plug your vacuum cleaner with power resources or charge them fully to run over a long time if they use batteries. Run your cleaner thorough in an overlapping motion to remove all dirt, dust and debris from floors and carpets.

Final Thoughts

Here in this article, we gave you necessary information and most importantly the pros and cons of both vacuum and steam cleaners which will help you know about their characteristics. So you can buy them easily either both or one of them according to your choice. They are very efficient and super comfy for the miraculous cleaning of your home. Hopefully you can make a huge difference between their work after reading all the beneficial information from this article. Go buy your cleaners now!!

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