What Is The Best Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution? 5 Best Carpet Cleaner Solutions

All in all, vinegar or Ammonia based carpet cleaner are the best homemade carpet cleaning solutions. These are very natural and cost only 1 dollar. Because we know that professional and proficient carpet cleaning can be costly, yet you can make your own cleaning solution at home that you can use in a shampooing machine or apply with customary family cleaning devices. homemade cleaners are extraordinary for stains, spot evacuation, to treat high-traffic zones, and for general cleaning purposes.

What Is The Best Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution

Best Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution: Methods

Here, we are going to discuss all possible and the best homemade carpet cleaning solution with a complete recipe.

1. Vinegar or Ammonia Based Carpet Cleaner

This is the best and strongest cleaning solution for carpet cleaning. The combination of Vinegar and ammonia cleaners are more remarkable than regular cleaners. This cleaner is also best for the carpets used at public places or at places where hard stains caught your carpet.

Vinegar or Ammonia Based Carpet Cleaner

Ingredients Required for This Cleaner:

You just need very few and easily available ingredients to work with this adorable solution for the cleaning of your carpets at home. we are going to list them here:

  1. White Vinegar (Natural Non-toxic Cleaning Product)
  2. Ammonium Hydroxide (Use to Remove Stains)
  3. Warm Water (To Make Solution)
  4. Essential Oils (For Fragrance) optional

You Also Need a Sponge and Clean Cloth to Bolt the Excess of Solution From Your Carpet.

How to Make It?

For vinegar and ammonia based carpet cleaner you need to make two solutions, let me explain both of them to you one by one.

1. Ammonium Solution

In order to make this solution, you have to mix 1 cup of ammonium hydroxide solution in ½ gallon of warm water. You can also add a few drops of essential oil in this solution for good fragrance.

2. Vinegar Solution

To make vinegar solution, you have two mixed ½ cup of white vinegar with two tablespoons of table salt.

Procedure for Using This Cleaner:

There are following steps you need to follow for the cleaning of your carpet by using this cleaner. These steps are explained here for your convenience.

  • First, remove all the big debris and particles from our carpet by using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now use a sponge and dampen the solution in it. But don’t forget to remove excess liquid out of the sponge before using it on the carpet.
  • Using a sponge that you dampen with solution already, apply solution on stains or at points from where you need to clean your carpet.  let the solution sit on the carpet for at least 3-4 minutes.
  • Also put your vinegar solution with ammonium solution  on darker stains and marks at the same time for the ideal cleaning.
  • Now it’s time to  blot your stain. Start blotting from the edge of the stain and move slowly towards the center of the stain  continuing this step.
  • Finally, for removing the solution from the carpet use a clean cloth. And now let your carpet dry.

If stains and marks are still visible, repeat the procedure for  proper and perfect cleaning of your carpet. But this cleaner is pretty good and we hope you don’t need to repeat the process after you have done it correctly. Put on certain gloves, and cautiously consolidate this solution while cleaning the carpet.

2. Vinegar Cleaner Solution Without Ammonia

This solution is best for the people who have pets or kids. As in a familial house you need a non-toxic cleaner free of any harmful chemicals. We already mentioned that vinegar is the best cleaning solution so for this non-toxic solution all you need is 1 cup of white vinegar or distilled vinegar, 2 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of salt and 15 drops of essential oil, such as lemon, lavender, or pine for good smell. You have to combine all these in a bucket and clean your carpet with this.

3. Detergent and Fabric Softeners

This carpet cleaner and conditioner is the most like a commercial cleaner, and it will leave your floor covering spotless, new, delicate, and smelling extraordinary. To make this cleaner you just have to join, 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of fluid clothing cleanser, in a bucket, ¼ cup of all purpose cleaner, 1 tb of fabric softener, and 1 scoop of OxiClean diluted in 1 gallon high temperature water in a bucket. And you just have to clean your carpet with this solution in a regular way. This is best for Homemade synthetic carpets.

4. Cleaning Solution With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an amazing cleaner, and lemon is an oil cutting cleaner that makes everything smell incredible. These two straightforward fixings can be consolidated to make a hand crafted cover more clean. To make this cleaner all you need is ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide to a pail, cup of water, 5 to 6 drops of lemon for oil stains. All you have to do is mix these things in a bucket and apply on your carpet while cleaning. This cleaner is also best for light colored carpets.

5. Window Cleaner as a Carpet Cleaner

Window cleaner isn’t only for windows any longer, and you can really blend it in with water to make a modest and powerful rug cleaner for the house, vehicle, and somewhere else. To make this cleaner, just blend equivalent amounts of boiling water and a window cleaner, for example, Windex. This solution is good for specific and regular stains.

You Can Use These Homemade Carpet Cleaners in the Machine or by Hand Washing and Cleaning of Carpets. But We Suggest Taking All Necessary Precautionary Measures Before Using Any Solution.

Benefits of Homemade Carpet Cleaner

There are so many admirable benefits of using homemade carpet cleaners that you should know.

  • They are always affordable because they typically consist of those ingredients that are already available in your pantry. Most basic ingredients are vinegar and baking soda.
  • Homemade cleaners are free of dangerous chemicals. You know what you put in it, and make them 100 percent free of bleach that may harm your color carpets.
  • They are better to use in family homes.  Because you know how hard it is to deep clean your home with harsh chemicals or products when kids are at home. The reason is the commercial products may include some harsh fumes and residues that remain in the fiber.
  • They are also allergy friendly, because as described already they contain no harsh fumes, chemicals and residue.

Things to Avoid

Here are some tips for pro cleaning of your carpets by using carpet cleaner.

  • Never use abrasive tools on your carpet for cleaning. This will harm the fiber of it and let your carpet look odd.
  • Don’t make your carpet wet too much, because if they soak more water this could make your carpet shrink.
  • Never add bleach in your cleaner. It will fade the color of your carpet.
  • Never rub your carpet’s stains because it will spread the stain and particles deeper. So always bolt them instead of rubbing.


So, here we guide you to make best homemade carpet cleaning solution and complete guidance for pro cleaning. You can use these homemade carpet cleaners in a machine or by hand washing and cleaning of carpets. But we suggest taking all necessary precautionary measures before using any solution and follow guidelines by manufacturers.

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