What Psi Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete?

For the effective cleaning of concrete, we need to use a pressure washer of at least 3000 psi (pounds per square inch) with a flow rate of water of 4 GPM (gallons per minute). A pressure washer is a very convenient and ideal way to clean off all stains, debris, mold, and other dirt in a few hours from your concrete. But you have to stay careful while using a pressure washer on concrete for ideal results of cleaning. Always test and check the pressure of the water jet first on small areas of concrete to avoid any harm.

Psi Pressure Washer to Clean Concrete

Often daily based shadowing areas get attacked by mold and algae through the fall and winter seasons. And these seasons allow grime to grow more effectively on surfaces which also make your surface look aged and tend to become more porous with the passage of time. But now with the emergence of technology, it’s no longer hard and you need days to clean out your concrete because now we have heavy machinery for fair and quick cleaning of concrete and all you can do in a few hours.

Types of Pressure Washer According to Psi Range

There are two types of pressure washers for the cleaning of concrete and their details are discussed below

1. Electrical Pressure Washer

These pressure washers are convenient to use, light duty machines, and require less maintenance. They are mostly used at residential jobs.

Electrical pressure washer
  • They may be found at cheap prices but they have a low range between 1300 – 1700 psi with 1.5 GPM. This range has less effect and does not produce enough pressure to clean all stains, mold, algae and other grime.
  • The electric pressure washer may be available at higher prices in the market. But they have a more effective cleaning purpose for dirty concrete with a range within 2000 – 3000 psi and 4 GPM.

2. Gas Pressure Washer

Gas pressure washers are heavy duty machines and used for deep cleaning of concrete at commercial jobs.

Gas Pressure Washer
  • They have psi ranges of higher than 3000 and create more water pressure than electrical. Therefore , they are used for high and intense cleaning purposes.
  • But they also produce larger sounds and harmful fumes while running.

How Higher Psi Pressure Washer Is More Convenient to Use

Pressure washers with higher psi with higher GPM are more effective and convenient to use. When we have higher psi combined with higher GPM then more water flows from the nozzle with higher pressure and wipes dirt, grime, and all debris away from your concrete.

Keep in mind higher psi pressure washers are used for deep cleaning of concrete and surface. It doesn’t make any sense to use washer pressure of higher psi for little stains and grime but this may leave a damaging effect on your concrete.

Importance of Nozzle in Pressure Washer

In a pressure, washer water flows through the nozzle which maintains the water flow. So nozzles are also very important and should be chosen correctly because there are different kinds of nozzles available in the market for different jobs.

Importance of Nozzle in Pressure Washer

Nozzles are of different colors for pressure washers and they have different sorts of purposes. They are available in different 3-4 coded colors.  Let me explain it to you.

Red Nozzle Tip

This nozzle is 0-degree size and coded in red color. It directs water directly onto the surface and it may prove unsafe on many surfaces. It is used for deep cleaning.

Red nozzle tips

Yellow Nozzle Tip

This nozzle is 15-degree size and it has a wide range of angles to spray water and it has a low-pressure setting so it is convenient and safe to use.

Yellow nozzle tip

Green Nozzle Tip

This nozzle is 25 degrees in size and also has a wide sheet to spray water directly onto surfaces and other equipment. It does not leave any harmful effects on the surface.

Green Nozzle Tip

White Nozzle Tip

It is 40 degrees in size and has a very moderate pressure of water to clean your surfaces.

White Nozzle Tip

Among all of them, the red nozzle tip has strong water pressure and is often used for the cleaning of concrete but as it is unsafe and shortens the life of your concrete. So you should make a start by keeping your nozzle tip almost 12 inches above your concrete.

This figure shows the red nozzle tip often used for concrete pressure washers.

How Did the Wrong Psi Pressure Washer Cause Damage?

Absolutely, choosing the wrong pressure washer psi range and nozzle tip can cause a number of harm to your concrete. Direct high pressure of the water jet on your concrete causes damages. Always choose the nozzle widest angles when you are starting at first to avoid this harm. Always keep your nozzle almost 4 feet away from the surface because when you are using higher psi, more force is charged on concrete which may not only degrade it but also make your concrete porous.

Precautions for Pressure Washing Concrete

There are a number of precautions you should take while cleaning concrete using a pressure washer to keep them safe and unbreakable.

  • Always keep the pressure of the water jet bearable for your concrete.
  • Never place your nozzle tip closer to the surface so that it may tear your concrete.
  • Use light spray of water pressure near asphalt and gravel.
  • Stenciled or imprinted concrete should generally be avoided from pressure washer cleaning purposes because if you are not extremely careful there design and prints not only become faded but also damaged.
  • Never exceed the time limit of pressuring water on a single area more than 4 minutes if you are using a psi of 3000 with 4 GPM.
Tips for Concrete Cleaning Using Pressure Washer

Tips for Concrete Cleaning Using Pressure Washer

Here are some tips to follow for the proper and effective cleaning of your concrete.

  • Start from keeping your nozzle above 4 feet from your concrete.
  • Always try to work in small sections for effective cleaning.
  • For removal of tough stains and buildup from your concrete point your nozzle in a little closer manner so the pressure of the water jet wipes all the debris.
  • Always try to remove excess debris from your concrete before pressure washing.

So by using these tips and precautions you can easily go through the process of cleaning your concrete around your home where some mold, algae, and debris make your concrete look aged and ugly.

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